6 Ways Self-Love Improves Your Entire Life

6 Ways Self-Love Improves Your Entire Life by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SelfLove

6 Ways Self-Love Improves Your Entire Life by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SelfLove

The self-love journey is an interesting one that spans a lifetime.

In the beginning, it can feel really weird to love yourself, especially when you think you have so much to criticize and judge. It’s difficult to see and appreciate all the wonderful qualities you have when you’re mostly focused on everything that’s “wrong” with you.

As you progress along your journey, moving through and past the judgments, replacing them with acceptance, you may begin to feel guilty for actually loving yourself because it puts you in opposition with those around you. (Unless you’re hanging out with other self-lovers.) As you release those feelings of guilt or shame in exchange for acknowledgment and acceptance, there comes a point where loving yourself is your number one priority. Above all else, you know that you must make sure you are feeling the love first. From there, you have faith that everything else is working out for the highest good of all, and that’s when your whole life becomes a reflection of love.

Here are 6 Ways Self-Love Improves Your Entire Life:

  1. You Feel Whole and Complete.

When you feel whole and complete on your own, this means you feel no need for anything outside of yourself to fulfill any internal voids. Traumatic life events tend to leave you feeling a lack of something, be it safety, love, acceptance, kindness, etc. Without knowing it, you may go through life after the tragedy looking for ways to fulfill those unmet needs, many times through external relationships with people, food, materials, and other substances. Until those needs are met, you will continue to feel an unexplainable void in your life.

The secret I’ve learned is you actually have all you need to fulfill your own void. Essentially, BE the person you wanted to have around; do the things for yourself you wished others would’ve done for you; say the words you were dying to hear back then and direct it all toward yourself. This goes deep. Speak to yourself with loving words from the perspective of the parent, guardian, friend, or role model you wished you had. When you allow your adult self to step into that role, the inner child part of you will respond in the same manner as if they heard it from the actual person.

The easiest way to start is to close your eyes, imagine your child self, the most vulnerable, scared, and innocent part of you, and with your hand on your heart, tell him or her, “I’m here for you now. You are safe with me. There’s nothing to worry about. Everything is being taken care of.” Many parents naturally do this with their own children, but many do not realize they can do it on themselves too. Doing it now while you’re calmly reading this is beneficial but practicing this in the moment of stress allows you to reach a part of yourself that has been holding its hand out for help for a long time. When you can make that connection where you really feel heard and supported and loved by yourself, the result is a sense of wholeness and fulfillment.

  1. You Feel Happier.

When you’re in love you’re happy! Now imagine carrying that around with you all day! You can because the person you’re in love with is YOU! And you will NEVER leave you! So there is also no fear of losing that love. You begin to become aware of the abundance of love within and surrounding you, and you allow that amazing feeling to carry you throughout life. As you make self-love a priority, that love overflows into all areas of your life creating positive experiences for all, including you.

  1. You Forgive More Easily and Have More Compassion and Patience for Yourself and Others.

The process of loving yourself involves forgiving yourself for any past “mistakes,” decisions that produced an undesirable outcome, and any character “flaws” you think you have, understanding with compassion and patience that you did the best you could with what you had to work with. When self-love is the goal in mind, it’s easier to say, “You know what, in the name of love, I am letting this go. It’s ok; I have learned from it and became a better person in the process.” As you gain experience forgiving yourself, it becomes easier to have patience with and forgive others for the things they are learning in life. Self-love allows you to remain detached from others’ life decisions because you are not relying on them for anything because you have YOU for that! It’s so liberating.

  1. It Becomes Easier to Trust the Process of Life.

You make better decisions. You take responsibility for your life. You begin to trust yourself and your abilities to create the life you see for yourself because you know you love yourself and only deserve the best. Self-love ensures inner peace and inner support for manifesting your desires and eliminates the inner conflict and inner resistance many people face.

  1. Your Body is Healthier and Happier.

When you love your body, it will respond by giving you more things to love about it! The frequency of love creates well-being within every cell of your body. Where there is love, there is an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness. Thank your body for the great job it’s doing, all things considered, and it will give you more to be grateful for.

  1. You Radiate the Frequency of Love.

By radiating and broadcasting that frequency, you attract it back to you. Imagine a life where you love everything that comes into your reality. You love the gifts and blessings just as much as the tough teachers and lessons to learn because it ALL means you’re moving into a deeper state of more and more love.

It ALL starts from within. When you can love yourself wholeheartedly, you love what and who shows up in your life, and life itself loves you back just the same.

How has self-love improved your own life? Do you have any tips that did not get mentioned above? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

– Kristin

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