7 Affirmations for a Positive Body Image

7 Affirmations for a Positive Body Image by Trilby Johnson #WUVIP #BodyImage #TheWellnessUniverse

Since 2014, low body-image is out. Self-acceptance is in! And if you are going to embrace being a Diva, self-acceptance is an essential ingredient. Every woman is a diva, simply by her birthright. Think of it that way. You start at marvelous and work your way up from there, without arrogance or disdain. If you don’t feel that you are quite there yet, here are 7 affirmations for a positive body-image. Your body image impacts on every single area of your life, so make it the best version you can. Remember, affirmations are not about forcing yourself to believe something that you don’t feel. That’s silly and a waste of your time and intelligence. Change begins with the first step and being willing. Ultimately, you are the only one who can change the relationship you have with your body!

  1. I accept and love my body exactly as it is

Ah, if it were only so easy you may be thinking. Begin with baby steps. It’s taken centuries of social and cultural conditioning to lead you here. So be gentle and kind and patient with yourself. Most of all, though, be honest with yourself. Are you at least WILLING to begin to accept and love your body, as it is, here and now? When you can at least be willing, you allow something different a chance to show up. You release the rigid judgment you have on your current body-image.

  1. I am grateful for my body

It’s no secret, that gratitude or appreciation, engenders a beauty of its own that transcends the mere physical. When you shower your body with gratitude rather than judgment, it will respond favourably in kind and very quickly. Start by acknowledging something that your body does for you every day. For instance, the fact that your body knows how to breathe for you, is a great and wonderful skill, that literally keeps you alive. Imagine if you had to remember to breathe every breath of each day. How exhausting would that be? Shift into a mindset of being grateful for everything your body does for you.

  1. I claim and embrace my Diva Body

It’s very simple. You have to claim what you want. Especially if you don’t feel that you have it. If you are going around grouching about how awful you look, this is how you show up. This is not how a Diva behaves, is it? The one thing noticeable about a Diva is her confidence. And that comes from accepting all of herself, as she is, and being proud. Claim your Diva Body today.

  1. I am the authority of my body

To feel good about yourself in the body you have requires accountability. As long as you allow yourself to be influenced by external factors like the media, beauty industry and yes sadly other

women’s opinions, when it comes to your body, you will most likely find yourself feeling terrible about your body. There is only one person who has the body you have and that is you. Celebrate it and even flaunt it. Why wouldn’t you? You possess one-of-a-kind!

  1. I nurture a positive body-image

Your body is like a car. No disrespect. What you put in it and how you treat it, is what you will get out. Your body reflects the quality of the nurturing you give it. Nurturing is not just about the food you eat and the exercise programme you follow. It is also very much the thoughts and emotions you have about yourself whilst you are busy doing all of these activities, throughout the day.

  1. I have a sacred relationship with my body

Whether you acknowledge it or not, your body is your one true home and your most trustworthy friend. It is where everything you experience in your life occurs first. When you treat it with respect and sacredness, it will reward you tenfold in more ways than you can imagine.

  1. When I feel connected to my body, I am never alone and I feel happy and alive

Negative body image comes from thoughts and feelings that creates an energetic barrier within yourself and your cells. This leaves you feeling isolated. That’s how the body-image demon gets in. Don’t even give them a chance!

As with anything, the more you use these, write them down and say them out loud and connect to the positive feeling, the more and quicker change can show up. Hope you find these useful.

In Light and Appreciation.


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