7 Things I’d Like to Tell my Younger Self

7 Things I'd Like to Tell my Younger Self by Kim Bayne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #YoungerSelf

The trouble with becoming an adult is that we sometimes forget how to live as we did as a child. We go through so much as we grow up, from losses and changes to beliefs that we thought we understood to believing something totally different. We get so all consumed with what goes on in our daily life as an adult that we forget how to truly live; not just exist.

As we grow up we will endure some pretty hard challenges, challenges that can affect us into our adult lives.

Below, I listed 7 things that I would like to tell my younger self, so that she is prepared for the challenges and knows how Loved she is.
  • Don’t ever settle.

Never ever settle for less than you deserve or want. You deserve all the best life has to offer, you will at times not feel that way… that maybe you did something wrong or that you are not good enough. You were not put on this Earth to just exist and settle for anything… Being YOU makes you enough, so never settle.

  • You are stronger than you feel.

You may feel weak at moments and may struggle just to find some type of balance. Things will get difficult at times and you may not feel as though there is any light at the end of the tunnel but hold strong, you are stronger than you think.

  • Any feelings that you have are temporary but you are forever.

Whatever feelings come along, they are yours, embrace them, but remember they are only temporary. Don’t be so hard on yourself for any emotions that you have; you are entitled to them. They will not last as long as you.

  • Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself you are loved & beautiful.

Remind yourself every single day that you are beautiful. Tell yourself ‘I Love You’. Look directly in the mirror and say the words and believe it, because it is truth.

  • Things will get easier with time, don’t give up.

Do not fear, things will get better. No matter the pain that you feel at a moment in time, it will pass with time, so don’t let it consume you. Whatever the challenge that you are going through it will only make you stronger. Don’t ever give up, you are needed in this world.

  • Pay attention.

During your daily life, things can become overwhelming and stressful. Don’t forget to pay attention to the little things, they can bring you such joy. Remember what it was like to find that special rock, the one that looked like a heart, or the lion in the clouds… keep open to see and receive those special little moments.

  • Never lose your child-like qualities.

Stay young at heart. Don’t ever let your inner child slip away, those qualities of being a kid can keep your adult life fun. Never forget what it is like to swing as high as you can, or splash around in the water….to be Happy for no reason. Keep that always with you.

Three child-like traits that we should carry into our adult lives:
  1. Excitement:

Be excited to Live. Stop just going through the motions of Life and bring back the excitement and wonder.

  1. A very short memory:

Kids are great at being upset and crying one minute and then off to playing in the next. They have the ability to ‘let go’ and this is one definite trait that we need to keep with us.

  1. Persistence:

Remember wanting to go to a friend’s house or wanting that new toy and you just didn’t give up? Keep that persistence alive and don’t ever give up on anything you want.

As children, we have the innate ability to do right, to Love, we have a natural sense of worth, a tremendous amount of Faith, and the ability to just be happy. But, somewhere along the way, we lose that in all the madness of adult life. We allow things to overwhelm us and we allow people to dictate to us how we should think, act, and feel. When we can carry some of those child-like qualities with us into adult life, it can help keep us grounded, just like we were as children.

I encourage each of you reading this to take a moment today and have a talk with your inner-child, let them know how loved they are. Forget about your daily challenges for a bit and remember what it was like to be a kid and not have a care in the world. Be that and embrace it, even for just a minute.



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