7 Ways to Avoid Goal Seeking Burnout

7 Ways to Avoid Goal Seeking Burnout by Dr. Melanie Dias #TheWellnessUniverse #Goal
The Half Year Mark: Define Your Goals and Create Healthy Habits that Stay

Everyone is busy being busy year-round. On New Year’s Eve, we have this knee jerk reaction to stop for a few and put pen to paper writing goals and resolutions. Most of us end up listing the same goals from last year. But getting excited about a fresh start is a great thing. And now we are into the half year point. So, how do we stay excited and motivated to keep from falling off the bandwagon?

Set your Timeframe.

Everyone can relate to the reality check as their birthdays come around. This is why setting your goals on your New Year is a good idea.  Likewise, checking progress or setting new goals on your “half birthday” is an effective way to gauge success based on personal development. Be realistic. Look at your current obligations and prioritize. One obstacle I see in my practice is the over excited, over achiever syndrome. Some of us set expectations too high and end up crashing with disappointment.


I’ve seen many people slip into New Year’s Resolution Burnout by February. We can easily get charged up by surrounding hype and mass media around New Year’s Day. It fuels the motivation. And then we find ourselves saying, “What list?” This applies to any time of the year: such as beach season approaching or the high school reunion. Stay focused and ignore the white noise of what everyone else is doing. This is your life. You are on this path to conquer this goal, not your Facebook friends posting pictures of the buffet feast they indulged in last weekend!

The Strategy for Creating Lasting Healthy Habits.

Start by listing the Top 3 areas of your life you want to improve.  Post it in at least two locations where it is seen at least twice per day, such as your bathroom mirror, door to your garage. Read it out loud, don’t just look at it. This will program your brain to commit to lasting improvements.

Here are 7 ways to Avoid Goal Seeking Burnout and Set the Stage for Success:
  1. Set goals when you have a clear mind.

Create some undisturbed space and time to list them. Most of us multitask our way through goal setting. Can’t focus? Reasons for brain fog and focus issues go beyond the overscheduling and overdoing habits. These may include neurotransmitter imbalance, leaky gut, leaky blood-brain barrier or an autoimmune condition. Don’t be alarmed! Getting a proper evaluation with a physician trained in functional medicine is a good start to ruling out or addressing these underlying issues.

  1. Keep it Flowing.

Movement is life. A stagnant, unhealthy digestive system lowers your immune system and can also affect brain function. Wake up every morning to a cup of hot water infused with lemon or ginger before that cup of coffee, can help facilitate a bowel movement within minutes. Chronic issues or concerning symptoms need to be addressed by a qualified physician. Acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal therapy are effective for achieving healthy bowel function.

  1. Don’t gasp.

When we focus on everything but ourselves, we don’t tend to breathe properly. This leads to tight, painful necks, headaches and potential adrenal burnout. Practice a few cycles of deep slow inhalations and exhalations throughout the day. Make sure your belly expands with each breath, not your chest. This improves mental clarity and digestion and calms you down to a rational state of consciousness.

  1. Express Gratitude.

Each Day is a Gift. So, honoring it with a moment of gratitude for at least one thing in your life daily sets the stage for attracting more abundance to you. This may just be one of your goals so it serves a dual purpose here!

  1. Giving is getting.

One way to create balance and focus is volunteering in your community. It can boost your “feel good” hormones and bring you back into perspective of the big picture.

  1. Believe you can do this!

Set your goals with certainty. Own them and own your intentions! Keep your positive, go-getter friends close by. If you are uncertain about reaching the finish line or you’re not sure how to get there, consider a coach to hold you accountable. Investing in services of a holistic, licensed practitioner or doctor who combines coaching with health services will leverage your investment of time and money.

There is never a perfect time to make positive changes in your life. I’ve seen people in my office after the heart attack, after the hysterectomy, for example. Visualizing your conquest of achieving the goal and adopting permanent healthy habits is the key to success! Use this as an opportunity to step back, look at your life and how you are living it, without judgment or self-criticism. For each year that passes, our time becomes more precious and mortality becomes a fierce reality check. Everything you do, eat and think now will have an impact on your quality of life down the road.

-Dr. Melanie Dias

Adapted from article and publication: Green Living AZ Magazine, January 2017 issue: Conscious Resolutions


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