7 Ways to Create the Perfect Pitch with Prospective Clients

7 Ways to Create the Perfect Pitch with Prospective Clients by Rachael Taylor #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Pitch

We’ve all been there, you’re at a meeting or chatting with an acquaintance and they ask, “So what do you do for a living?” If you’re anything like me, I used to trip over my words and then finally gush out a long, overly detailed list of how I help that even I found confusing as I was saying it.

Fortunately, I’m much better now than I was 5 years ago when it comes to talking about my business and what I do for a living. The key was practicing my pitch by treating everyone that asked as a prospective client.

I’ve found that there is a pretty simple way to build out your pitch, and all it takes is a little bit of introspection with a paper and pen.

Here Are 7 Ways to Create the Perfect Pitch with Prospective Clients:

  1. Start with the big picture

Let’s pull this out wide for a second and understand the general category your business fits into – are you a coach, nutritionist, teacher, instructor, hypnotherapist? How would you define it on a larger scale? Think of the category you had to choose when you created your business license or what’s described on your certificate or schooling.

  1. Turn the focus around

Next flip that photo to your clients – who is it that you want to help or already love helping? Is it gender specific? Are they in a certain age range or transitional phase in life? Do they love personal development work or are they new to it? Think of your past clients, did you have any favorites? What about them did you love the most?

  1. Find the problem

Then you need to be clear about what problem you’re solving for that person – what are they struggling with or what are they trying to get that you can help them achieve? It’s important that you outline this because it’s the thing that people remember the most when you talk about what you do. They either identify with the problem personally or immediately think of someone who you could help.

  1. Zero into the details

Move into how you help them – what result are they getting from working with you? Perfecting a pitch is including what someone will receive when they invest time, energy and resources into working with you. Don’t just talk about the problem, talk about the solution so people get excited about the idea of investing time with you.

  1. How it happens

Include a quick blurb at the end to explain how you make their problem away and give them their solution. You want to start the conversation of “how it all works” in your pitch so they’re curious about learning more.

  1. Build it out

Combine the three parts into your pitch with the template more or less like: “I help (this person or group of people) who feel/are struggling with (the problem they have), get (the result they have from working with you) by (doing what you do/your product or service).

  1. Say it out loud

All that’s left to do is practice, practice, practice! Don’t worry if you trip over your sentence in the beginning, eventually it will sound natural and become the perfect pitch for your prospective clients.

You can always write it down on a flash card if you want to remember it word for word or have help memorizing it in the beginning. I also recommend that you put your pitch on your website in a few places so prospects can instantly know what you do and how you can help them. It starts the conversation of “should we work together?” before your free consultation or first session.

Having a great pitch is an important part of getting clients but so is finding them in the first place. If you’d like help growing your business and having a steady stream of clients every month, I can help you with your marketing and website traffic. Learn more about how we can work together.

Thanks for reading!

– Rachael

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