7 Ways to Feel Better Instantly

7 Ways to Feel Better Instantly By Melissa Schwartz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CoreBlogger #MelissaSchwartz #7Ways #InstantGratification

 Melissa Schwartz shares 7 ways to feel better instantly.


1. Breathe deeply. 

A long inhale and a slow gentle exhale. Make it a full belly, satisfyingly long breath. Do it three more times if you don’t feel better after the first one. Focus on the expansion of your rib cage and lungs as you breathe in, feel the constriction as you slowly breathe out. Notice the air passing through your nostrils and let your busy mind pause for a few seconds.

2. Be in nature. 

Go outside to take some deep breaths. Notice the trees, sky, clouds. Listen for sounds of birds, wind or water. Feel the fresh air on your skin. Bask in the glow of the sun or moon. Connect with the higher power that keeps our planet in perfect orbit.

3. Drink some water. 

Our bodies are about 60% water and cannot function properly if dehydrated. Dr. Masaru Emoto studied water and his research and beautiful microscopic images demonstrate the effects of thought on water’s molecular structure. His work beautifully illustrates how our we shape our reality through our focused energy. Offer appreciation for the water you put in your body, add some fresh lemon or mint and lovingly tend to your corporeal temple.

4. Focus on appreciation. 

Perhaps you have a ‘go to’ memory that always puts a smile on your face. Set a timer for one minute and make a list of things you appreciate, from mangos to family to puppies. Each time you play, try to outdo your last list! Try this game at your work and home as you focus on a person or pet for a minute and list all the qualities about them you love.

5. Love yourself. 

Isn’t it amazing how loving we can be towards others while being unloving towards ourselves? All too often our inner monologues are critical, blaming and shaming. Think back to a time when you were facing a challenge that felt insurmountable and remind yourself that you have indeed persevered.You made it. You got through the impossible! You are lovable and worthy of more good to come.

6. Forgive someone.

That someone might be yourself. Perhaps you are still upset with that guy who cut you off in traffic or your noisy neighbor who was up late partying again. Maybe you still hold anger from an incident that should have been insignificant but it still ‘shows up’ every so often. Try to empathize with the other person, wonder what their experience must have been like and see if there is a way to be less personally attached to their behavior.

7. Practice a random act of kindness. 

If you’re out in public hold a door open for someone. Prepay for a coffee or slice of pizza for a stranger. Smile and make eye contact with the next person you see. If you’re home you can do something nice for someone you live with. Those living solo can leave a loving comment on the internet or bring a snack to a neighbor. Simple acts create huge ripples of good-feeling in the world.