An 8-Step Process to Create Spiritual Level Healing

An 8-Step Process to Create Spiritual Level Healing by Katt Tozier #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SpiritualLevel

An 8-Step Process to Create Spiritual Level Healing by Katt Tozier #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SpiritualLevel

When life gets challenging, we’re conditioned to believe that’s just how life is.

Yet, it’s within your power to create exactly what you want for your life. The trick is to shed the layers of false and limiting beliefs you’ve absorbed through your experiences and traumas so you can attract the positive outcomes you’re looking for.

We all came into this life with a pure vibration and a clear soul-intention, then life happened. Over time, we lost our connection to that purity. The deeper we got into negative thinking and negative emotions, the more we miscreated negative outcomes and stuck in ever-deepening patterns.

The good news is, you can heal on a spiritual level, get back to that pure soul vibration, and learn to create positive outcomes instead.

You are a Divine Being from a realm of infinite possibility (and positivity) and your soul knows how to channel that expansive energy into this finite, material realm. All you need to do is clear away the layers of negative energetic patterns that have manifested as symptoms – physical issues, financial troubles, relationship stress – and reconnect to the simple process of manifesting positive energy instead.

Here’s an 8-step process you can use to create your own spiritual level healing, and begin to attract the positive outcomes you want for your life:

  1. Identify symptoms:

First, identify the outward negative symptoms that are currently operating in your life – everything from physical pain and illness to money troubles to relationship issues and more.

  1. Consider emotions:

For each symptom, consider the emotions related to it. Are you angry about it? Sad? Ashamed? Blaming another? Jealous? Grief-stricken?

  1. Find false beliefs:

Meditate on, journal about, or do some Tapping around each symptom and emotion you identify. As you do, notice what beliefs come up for you. Look for phrases that repeat whenever you think about a particular symptom or emotion.

  1. Uncover the experience:

Trace the beliefs you’ve uncovered back to their roots: what experience or event created that belief? Who or what influenced it? Ask yourself: is this belief really true?

  1. Clear what’s untrue:

Consciously release the belief – Recognize it as false and turn it over to the Divine for healing. You can ask for help from the angels, or you can write it down and safely burn the paper to symbolize the release.

  1. Rewrite the belief:

Choose a new, positive belief, one that reinforces your power to create what you want. Write an affirmation for it and recite it often.

  1. Envision your outcome:

Visualize the positive outcome you want to attract – see it in great detail. Create a “snapshot” image in your mind and meditate upon it daily.

  1. Feel good feelings:

Notice how your affirmation and visualization makes you feel – tap into the high vibrational energy of those positive emotions and practice feeling them every time you recite your new belief or meditate on your snapshot image.

As a human being, you process energy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; when all four energetic systems are in clear alignment, you can consistently guide energy in the positive direction you want.

There’s a synergy between seeing, speaking, and feeling (steps six through eight), and that’s the key to this process.

You’re activating all four energy systems when you put the three together. You’re sending a clear vibration to the Universe, and that’s what attracts positive outcomes.

Healing at the spiritual level comes first, taking the time to clear the negative energy that’s stuck in your body, mind, emotions, and spirit (and showing up in your life as challenges), allowing you to once again access the pure vibration of your soul.

Then, you can step into your true power and your personal truth, and ultimately, create exactly the life you came to live!

– Katt

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