9 of the Best Crystals for Financial Prosperity

9 of the Best Crystals for Financial Prosperity by Kelly St. Claire #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FinancialProsperity

9 of the Best Crystals for Financial Prosperity by Kelly St. Claire #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FinancialProsperity

Have You Ever Thought of Working with Crystals to Help Bring in Financial Prosperity and Abundance?

Crystals can be effective helpers when used with purpose, respect, and forward motion. There are no magic bullets, bringing in extra money starts with intention backed with action.

Crystals are excellent assistants when it comes to financial prosperity. Money helps us make things happen. It’s a tool. Many people turn to crystals for the energy to back the intention of creating financial plenty.

In manifesting and spell-work, the magic ingredient is emotion. Whether you light candles, use crystals, pray, make a vision board, or other ways commonly used to manifest our desires, the catalyst behind all tools is emotion.

Here Are 9 of the Best Crystals for Financial Prosperity:

  1. Green Aventurine –

Has calming and soothing energy and is a stone of prosperity and money. It’s also known as a stone of good luck.

  1. Green Calcite –

Nurtures the heart chakra and attracts heart-full situations that will bring wealth benefiting more than just the individual. It’s a gentle heart detoxifier and helps you clear the negative thoughts that may hinder your ability to attract money.

  1. Pyrite –

Called “fool’s gold.” It has the appearance of gold and wealth. It’s a powerful attractor of money, especially at the beginning of your journey. It helps support the energy of freedom from debt.

  1. Garnet –

Helps you with success in business and as a sacred stone to Lakshmi, I suggest surrounding a figurine of this Goddess of Beauty and Wealth with beautiful, dark red Garnet. Garnet is also very grounding and helps the wealth to stick around.

  1. Jade –

A lucky stone of money and wealth. The wealth brought through by Jade is continually growing and sticks around. It can support the transformation from poverty to prosperity, mindset.

  1. Citrine –

Known as the merchant’s stone”, it’s great for success in business. It’s usually the first and best-known crystal for wealth and money. Try putting a citrine in your wallet or tuck a piece in your cash box to attract even more.

Grounding stones help you hold on to your money. I like black and reddish-brown as it brings to mind the earth and I visualize deep roots.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

  1. Red Jasper –

A deeper reddish-brown color is a perfect balancing stone for the root chakra which is around our stability and survival. It gives off a soothing, grounding energy that helps “plant” the money to grow from a place of stability.

  1. Smoky Quartz –

Very grounding but also helps spark you into action. This stone has protective energy that will put a shield around you and help you spend money wisely.

Quartz Crystals activate and intensify the gifts of the crystals.

  1. Clear Quartz –

Is a great activator and will enhance the qualities of the other stones as well as your intentions. For instance, if you’re carrying a jade in your pocket add a quartz point to activate the qualities of the Jade.

What Are Some Things You Can Do with Crystals?

  • Carry the crystal in your pocket.
  • Make a mojo bag (add a written statement).
  • Create a crystal grid (a crystal layout or pattern).
  • Tuck a Citrine (the merchant’s stone) in your wallet.

To recap the most important consideration. The intention is the seed, crystals are our helpers and allies, the magic ingredient is emotion. Well up the desires you have, feel them, imagine yourself already possessing the bounty you desire. Bring in passion, love, determination. Think about who you can help, what you can make happen when you receive what you want and need, the feeling you get as you pay off that debt. Work up those strong feelings. Bonus points for tears.

Most importantly feel thankfulness and gratitude for the crystals and the assistance they offer.

What is your favorite crystal for financial prosperity and why? Please share with us in the comments section below!

– Kelly

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