A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Health: Health is Everything – Everything is Health

Health is everything. It affects our entire existence, from the simplest of chores to the grandest of dreams. Relationships, career, the ability to enjoy the small pleasures in life, and the big ones too, there isn’t any aspect of our life that our health does not touch.

It’s true, we can power through things despite our health. But what happens to the enjoyment factor? Is the rush of overcoming obstacles any comparison to the joy of living a full life?

When my mother was towards the end of her journey with ALS, my first granddaughter was born. With my brothers’ families living in different parts of the USA, my daughter was the only grandchild with who my parents had a close relationship as she grew up. She took her first step in their home and for years we visited them every weekend. My daughter’s first child was such a big event in their eyes.

When my daughter was born both of my parents were there for grandparents visiting hours, lovingly cuddling my daughter the whole time. When my mother went to visit her new great-granddaughter in the hospital she was already in a wheelchair and could barely use her arms. Despite everyone’s best attempts, she refused to hold the baby. My mother was so afraid of dropping or hurting such a delicate bundle of joy.

During the next family gathering, a Chanukah celebration around a month later, it was finally time. Quietly my daughter approached as my mother was relaxing in her recliner. Before she could refuse the baby was placed in her lap. After she was comfortable with this, we assisted her in holding the baby. My mother was so afraid, yet so filled with the joy of holding her Great-granddaughter.

Yes, we can overcome, and we can experience, but is this how we really want to live our lives? I’m sure that many of you have experienced this type of bittersweet joy, either personally or through witnessing others’ experiences. I’d love to read your stories in the comments below.

Relative Health

Health is an elusive dream in today’s society. From young to old finding a person in “good health” is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Most people who consider themselves to be in good health often have an array of issues that they’ve become accustomed to living with. Things like digestive problems, allergies, dental issues, skin conditions, eyeglasses, and various aches and pains are among those typically overlooked.

“Good health” is subjective in today’s society because it has become relative. We look at it as being relative to how much better one is, compared to the person next to them. Just because we’re grateful that we don’t have things like cancer, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, or other severely disabling diseases doesn’t mean that we’re healthy.

We also look at it as relative to how we feel within ourselves. Often someone with an ongoing medical condition like eczema or diabetes will say they are healthy because they felt good the past hours, days, weeks, or months. Can we call this an indication that their condition is stable and they’re not having any major flare-ups, healthy?

Everything is Health

True health encompasses the totality of one’s being, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic. These as five separate bodies each need to be maintained separately. At the same time, they are all intertwined and come together in the functioning of the individual. When one aspect is lacking it affects all of the others.

  • Can the physical body be strong when the energy body is drained?
  • When one is depressed how much energy is there to get things done?
  • When the body is in pain how well does the mind work?

So, we see that with all these aspects affecting each other, to achieve true health each one needs to be functioning in both their own state of health and a combined state of health. At this point, you may be scratching your head and wondering if such a thing is even possible?

With health affecting every aspect of our lives, it’s really important to have the best outcome possible.

The next step on this journey is to know when you’re moving in the direction of good health or away from it. This is the topic that I will cover in my next installment of A Beginners Guide to Quantum Health.

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