A Lesson About Empathy

A Lesson About Empathy by Savvy Raj #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Empathy
A Lesson About Empathy by Savvy Raj #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Empathy
Life Skills: Empathy Education

Life, with all its complexities and contrasts, creates a necessity to make ways to make young impressionable minds better equipped to handle it. Holistic education is as much about grounding as it is connectedness and intuitive understanding, and harmony in the mind-body connection as a way of life.

Becoming educated in empathic behaviour is paramount in a materialistic world.

A lot of misconception about empathy needs clarification. Empathy is seeing with another, listening to another, and acknowledging them as they are in a non-judgmental way. It is being with another, sensing their feelings, and caring enough to reach out with support through words, actions, and deeds.

Empathy can be sensed in touch, nod, smile, or in the simplicity of silence.

It is sharing, feeling, bonding, being, seeing, sensing, trusting, and believing in hope, in faith, in life, and in grace. Empathy is a way of being. It is not always about bearing the suffering, and sensing another’s pain, or being in a state of sorrow or pain. Great empathy can arise when dancing together, or in a classroom environment where the teacher feels one with the students’ frame-of-mind. They then speak to address it – hearing, performing a song, or play together with an unbridled sense of bonding and enthusiasm. This can be reflected time and time again; striving to consciously remain aware.

The positive benefits of empathy can become a mirror to gradually induce greater empathic behaviour in our lives, towards ourselves and towards others.

Our movements have the power to change our moods as much as our thoughts can bring a change in our way of being. It doesn’t matter who believes in your empathic way of life, what matters is you believe in it yourself. And that is the first step in making a positive difference. When there is empathy in action it is mirrored to generate loving and caring thoughts as a response to the action.

Every empathic thought finds its way into an expression of words or deeds.

With it, there is a connectedness, a valuing of the interdependence in this web of life.

– Savvy

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