A Meditative Walk Of Reflection

Kimberly Bayne

Are you Ready? Good! Let’s go.

Let’s begin by just relaxing…take a few deep breaths and begin to feel your body begin to relax…nice and slow breaths, relaxing even more.
Now let’s begin to walk and as you walk out your door you see a path in front of you, it is a pretty stone path with moss growing between the stones and on each side of the path is tall grass. As you begin to walk down this path you allow your fingertips to gently glide along the grass and as you do you relax even more.
You can feel the warmth of the sun on your face and shoulders…you feel it begin to warm your entire body. Ah, that feels so warm and gentle.
As you walk along this stone path continuing to glide your fingers along the tall grass, your body and mind are relaxed and at ease.
Off in the distance you can see the beautiful mountains and the shape of them becoming clearer as you walk closer.
You feel a breeze and can hear the air moving through the grass…whispering ever so gently. The sound brings you more at ease. As you continue on the path there are many things to see. Just over to the left you see a beautiful butterfly being carried by the breeze…ever so calmly just floating along. You see the rabbit up head hopping along the path, stopping for a moment and peeking back…but he’s not scared so he just hops on. You can hear the different birds chirping from their heart, happy to be alive…their songs are such happy songs, bringing Joy to all the that are around to hear. You watch them fly around and at times their wings stopping and just allowing the gentle breeze to carry them ever so softly through the sky…what an amazing site to see. All the wonders that are around…can you see it, feel it and hear it?
Can you feel your heart being filled with Love and peace, to just be so calm and enjoying all the things that are around you…let that feeling warm your whole being.
Now as you walk on, a few yards away you see a glimmer of water. it looks like a beautiful pond, the water shimmering in the Sun as the wind gently skims across the top of the water. As you get closer, you can hear frogs chirping and some splashes of water, you smile.
You walk closer and see a set of steps leading down to the water, there seem to be about five of them. The steps are made from rocks all laid just right…just like the path that you have been walking, the moss growing between each rock…such a brilliant green color. You arrive to the top step and you stop for a moment, just taking in all the majesty that is around…breathe it in and relaxing even more.

Taking another deep breath and take the first step down, inhaling the fresh air…you can almost taste the water. Now down to step two and three relaxing even more, you’re so filled with peace. Now down to four and then five…you have never been so relaxed before.
Have a seat, just look out over the water…the sun shining on it so brightly it creates little sparkles all over, they actually look like little specks of glitter floating in the air. Let the gentle breeze caress your body flowing through you and removing any old thoughts that no longer serve you. Take a deep breath…wasn’t that nice? You feel free and calm.
Now look over into the water, the water is almost like a mirror. Can you see your reflection? Look closely at yourself can you see the beauty? Now look past the physical and see your soul, see what a truly truly beautiful soul you are. You no longer see your physical body…because that is all it is, just a body. You are looking at the exceptional being that you are…so full of Love and Life. Now just sit in contemplation for a while. Just be one with yourself…going inside and finding your peace. No judgments, no worries…just you embracing You.

Didn’t that feel amazing, to be able to get in touch with you? Ah, yes, take a deep breath.
Now we are going to  head back up the steps, you are at peace with who you are, you truly Love yourself. Up the steps you walk, full of Joy and Love. Up one step and then two, still just as calm…up to three and four, your body is full of peace…now up to five and back on the bank, your mind, body and soul are now in harmony with each other. Stand here for a moment and just take it all in.
You may stay here as long as you like and feel free to come back anytime you need to feel at peace with yourself.
I hope you enjoyed today’s walk, I enjoyed it so.