A Writing Technique to Release Anger and Frustration

A Writing Technique to Release Anger and Frustration by Kathleen Boucher #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WritingTechnique

In part 1 of this 3-part blog series by WU World Changer Kathleen Boucher, she shares an excerpt from her book, “Nine Ways to Empower Tweens with Emma and Elliot,” and also, a writing technique to release anger and frustration. 

Do you have a child or know of someone who has been bullied at school or in the neighbourhood? What is your immediate reaction? Do you want to lash out and do harm to the youngster or person who emotionally traumatized your child? Do you phone their parents, only to discover that they themselves are filled with anger? Now you feel sorry for the individual who did the bullying! You feel torn and don’t know where to place your wrath. Yet the fact remains that your child is still affected. What do you do?

You calm down and refocus. You sit down with your child and have a conversation. You get their side of the story.

You ask questions and get clarity. You acknowledge that your child has been bullied, and then you teach them the following writing technique.

Below is an excerpt from my book “Nine Ways to Empower Tweens with Emma and Elliot, Chapter 4 – How to Get Rid of Anger and Frustration.”

“Write down any thoughts or feelings that you are currently hanging on to that do not serve you. They are weighing you down and making you sad, angry, or depressed. Remember, you want to feel empowered. Problems and difficult circumstances are going to happen in your day. How you solve your problems and deal with your circumstances makes the difference between having a good day and a bad one. You are already a great problem solver. You do it every day. We are simply showing you a technique that may help you feel better.

  1. Take a piece of paper and a pencil, pen, or crayon. Find a quiet spot, and start writing down your thoughts and feelings as fast as you can on the paper.
  2. As you write do not lift your pencil, pen, and/or crayon off of the paper. The idea is to brainstorm feelings onto the paper as fast as possible.
  3. Do not cross the “t’s” or dot the “I’s.” The faster you write, the better. You are aiming for speed and the free flow of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and whatever you are thinking. Keep doing this until you feel that you have gotten rid of whatever is bothering you.
  4. This paper and/or papers are for YOUR EYES ONLY. Besides, if you partially scribbled, no one can read it anyway.
  5. Next, take each sheet of paper and crumple it up. Throw it away.

The beauty of this technique is that it does not hurt anyone but empowers you instead. Do it whenever you want to, as often as needed. Teach this technique to your friends, neighbours, family or anyone you care about.” *

Adults and children may use this technique. It is both simple and effective. The missing ingredient to help a child or person who has been bullied is to forgive the perpetrator. Why? Because when you forgive, you release stress. You aren’t being asked to forget the incident, but to forgive so that you can heal on the inside!

Give it some thought and decide to forgive after you have used the writing technique.

Wishing you great success with your writing!

-Kathleen Boucher

*Nine Ways to Empower Tweens with Emma and Elliot, by Kathleen Boucher, Copyright©2016 Kathleen Boucher, Balboa Press Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-5043-5737-1 (sc). Page 39-41

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