Do You Have the Ability to Self-Emote?

Do You Have the Ability to Self-Emote? by Jennifer Heflin #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SelfEmote

Do You Have the Ability to Self-Emote?

Yes, you do, and it’s a powerful tool. Would you rather feel LOVE or HATE?

Asked this way, the question seems almost farcical. It’s not a challenging postulate. And yet how many times do we ask it of ourselves? Why don’t we?

Why don’t we take a step back throughout our day, ask ourselves the state of being we prefer, and choose an emotion to evoke it?

  1. We believe the conditions of the world, our lives, our experience require a particular response from us.

We believe that if x occurs, then we must respond in kind by feeling Y. If X occurs, I am required to respond and feel Y.

  1. We believe that we lack the innate ability to conjure a feeling and allow our reality to comply to this choice.

But neither of these beliefs are inherently true, unless, of course, you want them to be. The nature of reality itself is that all experience is fundamentally neutral. You are responsible for giving it meaning.

It’s your creation after all. Be your own lighthouse.

The Source of Our Experience is Meant to be Within.

We, and we alone are meant to be the light bulb, the source, the catalyst and the creator of our experience. Our lives are supposed to be directed and created from within us first.

However, most of us are currently operating from the complete opposite way that it was designed to be. We have flipped the script and made the outside world the dictator for our inside.

This is How Most of Us Live:

Something outside of me occurs. Depending on how I feel about what has just occurred, I will then feel love or fear or some emotion within those two main categories.

This is How We are Meant to Live:

I make a choice about how I would like to feel. My outside circumstances do not dictate or hijack this feeling. I decide my state of being and eventually my reality will comply with it. But even if it doesn’t, I will not relinquish my ability to be a creator. I choose this state of being, if for no other reason than because it’s who I am.

Be your own source.

We have the ability to self-emote. We have the option to choose how we want to feel and feel it.


Does it feel impossible in some cases? When life is shoveling a bunch of yuck on your head, does choosing an emotion of joy, acceptance and ease seem laughable?

Yes, and yes.

However, that’s just a belief we have taken on which was never really ours in the first place.

Feel love because that’s who you are.

The only bondage there is the confinement of thinking thoughts that don’t feel good when you think about them.

The world of illusion has taught you that what is true and real is outside of yourself and that, as these real things change, so your emotions follow.

There is a greater truth that runs exactly the other way around: with your emotions, you gravitate experiences to yourself. If you create joy and hold that frequency, then you will bring joyful experiences to yourself. – Zingdad, Ascension Papers

Redefine your relationship to thought and the source of your emotions. Reestablish your inner world as the chooser of your state of being. Refrain from allowing your external reality from derailing your chosen emotion.

Remember, you and you alone, are the creator of your experience. You hold the ability to self-emote.

– Jennifer

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