How to be Accepting of Love

How to be Accepting of Love by Theresa Walstra #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AcceptingOfLove
How to be Accepting of Love by Theresa Walstra #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AcceptingOfLove
We greet you with love.

This information has been channeled from my Spirit Guides.

We would like to begin by telling you that you are a perfect creation of Great Spirit. You have been designed to the most intricate detail, to fulfill the purpose that you, in your physical incarnation in the earthly plane, have agreed to.

All should recognise that Great Spirit, as Creator of All, does not make mistakes, there are no errors in creation. Every creation, from the smallest atom to the largest creature, has been designed to ensure that the greater plan, the evolution if you will, throughout the universe known to you and far beyond, will unfold as it should.

By acknowledging this reality, you should then begin to change your perception of yourself. Alter the concept that you have flaws and faults and that you should be someone other than who you are.

What then, you ask, of free will? We would say to you that all have a choice and all will choose as they deem fit at the right time. However, if you consider that you like a very young child, are easily predicted. Every thought you have, every word you speak and every action that you take, all these are known to the mind of Great Spirit. For you have been created as you are for a particular purpose.

Even those circumstances when you think that you should not have had that thought, you should not have spoken that word, and you should not have taken that action; even those are part of the higher plan. For Great Spirit has looked beyond the small portion of the world in which you live, has seen the more significant ripple effect that you will have in the universe, and the Creator has known that all is perfection.

Therefore, perceiving yourself to be a perfect creation of Great Spirit, is ideal for the path that you will walk. You must acknowledge that even you, with whatever you might consider being your ‘faults,’ are deserving of great love.

Imagine if all those qualities which you perceive to be ‘good’ within yourself, were highlighted continuously.

If a constant spotlight was trained on them so that they could reflect into the world around you; helping not only yourself to see your path more clearly but also helping others to light up the road that they are walking along. Now consider that the very “spotlight” which enhances your beautiful qualities is LOVE. For love shines a light of healing on everything and that it will always reflect the best traits within everyone.

Knowing that by being accepting of love that is gifted to you by others, you will begin to reflect the light of love into your world.

Your circles of influence will be bathed in the beautiful light that can be a beacon guiding others, so why wouldn’t you be more accepting of love that surrounds you at all times?

– Theresa

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