Age of Intuition: Top 10 Intuitive Guidance Messages

This past weekend, I crashed into a wall. A wall of anger, frustration, and judgment in which my body responded. I woke up with my head throbbing and my throat vibrating on a different baritone volume. I ached all over. My body was telling me to stop and deal with the wall and to cancel, clear, delete any thoughts of Covid-related attachments.

I was being guided to clear my head, heart, and 3-D ordinary consciousness which is the interpreter of external experiences.

So, I did. I canceled, cleared, and deleted all my obligations and invitations. I canceled, cleared, and deleted any notions of the Delta variant in my body. I canceled, cleared, and deleted the imposed responsibilities I place upon myself to be serving and giving even more during this time. I canceled, cleared, and deleted the self-imposed guilt and worry for not doing more.

What became very clear was a group consciousness of the 3-D world flooding my energy field with increasing vaccine mandates, Afghanistan falling, Haiti destruction, hurricanes brewing up faster and faster, more fires raging in addition to a political quagmire here in California which has served as my home of 35 years.

Stop and retreat

My body gave me every indication to stop and take a retreat. Our bodies are an amazing magical barometer for assessing what action to take next. My mind resisted my intuitive guidance reminding me it was the last weekend in August with a new month coming which meant more work for me as a business entrepreneur.

Yet, I tuned in, listened, and followed my intuition which told me to stop, look inside and listen. Rest. Find peace. Rest some more. Find more peace. Stay in the middle lane above the 3-D lower vibration by allowing the slower and faster lanes to provide a flow. Move ahead at a speed limit established by your heart’s intuition.

By following my intuition and resting for two days with a little gardening and cooking in between, I received “Top Ten” intuitive guidance messages to navigate the dense and heavy energy of our 3-D group consciousness.

  1. Make stronger connections with your Higher Self and Guides. You are always connected yet now is the time to strengthen your connection and listen closely. Your Guides need to be asked as they know your free will principle, so ask them to join in each day. They are always wanting to assist. You are the one that disconnects from them. They never disconnect from you yet need you to permit them to join you.
  2. When confusion and uncertainty creep in, ask your Higher Self and Guides, “What do I need to know now?” Feel this question with your heart and call it in.
  3. It’s not the time to fly. It’s time to tuck in your wings and find peace, harmony, and calm.
  4. Feel into the vastness you are beyond the human being aspect. Know you are vast and live it.
  5. Raise your vibration yet stay in the middle lane at a slow steady pace. Raising your vibration steadily shifts your consciousness from ordinary to non-ordinary with transcendence for connection to the amazing Cosmic consciousness.
  6. What is the number one lower vibration cause? Judgment. It lowers your vibration immediately. You are conditioned in judgment from families, culture, schools, work environments; almost every system on earth is based on judgment. Raise your vibration when you notice judgment. If not, you will be vibrating at the lower consciousness and walking through the minefields of group consciousness emotions.
  7. The worst judgment is self-judgment. You are the consciousness of your body experiences and it will respond accordingly to your thoughts and emotions. When you don’t feel well physically, something is out of balance emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Connect and tune in. Your soul isn’t designed to be vibrating at a lower frequency. Ever.
  8. Transcendence is resurrection energy that takes you to consciousness expansiveness. As you use transcendence energy to connect with your Higher Self and Guides, it buries fear and gives it a final death notice.
  9. One of your soul roles is to support Mother Gaia in her ascension process as she shifts her consciousness. Mother Gaia is Divine Feminine energy and is dependent upon women to awaken and bring forth a deeper sense of compassion and kindness that is needed now. Honor your role with excited anticipation for all women on earth at this time.
  10. The Universe loves you. The soul-star families in light send their love. Relax. Be open. Receive. There is so much love-light pouring onto the planet right now from higher dimensions and is bright, clean, and clear. Hold space for this energetic aspect of you to reference this love and see the world from a different perspective.

The gift

We are being given the gift of transcendence during this time so we can rise above the lower vibration of 3-D without dodging or running through the land mines of emotions in chaos and confusion. We are rising from the death of old paradigms and systems that gave us the thinking of trying to be something we are not.

Now, more than ever, our intuition centers of the head, heart, and gut are of utmost importance to guide us across the transcendence bridge to create our life experiences. Higher consciousness is fueled by our intuitive knowing so trust it. We don’t want our unconscious patterns, old thought patterns, and negative emotions to create a world we don’t want to live in. We are responsible for our consciousness states so let your intuition be your inner compass directing you to the magic and power of your amazing Source-self.

Use these top ten guidance messages for the month ahead or tap in and create your own. Along with creating expanded awareness of consciousness to trust and model intuitive guidance, living in the age of intuition becomes thrilling and rewarding.

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