Align with AWE-You and Experience Magic and Manifestation Power

Another cold wave of chills from the Universe came flooding over me as I sat on the edge of my bed trembling. Why was this pattern repeating over and over in my career? High tides with clients with prosperity flowing then crash, the walls come tumbling down either due to a severe change in economics or unexpected change of leadership in the corporate world where I contributed learning and human development services.

This time felt different. The trembling felt like a huge door was opening for my soul to step through the threshold of perceived security and financial stability and walk into a magical place of manifestation power.

So, I took a deep dive of unbelievable trust and guidance by selling my condo for living expenses and investing substantially into what was on the other side of the threshold to experience a much different life service door opening. As I dove deep into my intuitive abilities and soul’s knowing, magic started to happen.

The supportive vibration and love from the Cosmic Collective comprised of Teams of Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and Family Light Souls with who I have a direct communication channel brought forth clear and specific messages.

Alignment. Circuitry. Activation. Ascension-Grounding. Divine Cosmic Loop. Above-Within-Earth-below. Divine Sovereignty. Inner Leader Movement.

Out of the blue and in Divine Timing, the Cosmic Collective brought forth earthly assistance and support as a wonderful intuitive mentor showed up to guide me to deep dive into magic and manifestation power. After a few months of shadow work and releasing layers of old patterns, behaviors, values, and beliefs, I tuned in to receive further guidance from the Cosmic Collective to co-create the concepts and truths of the Inner Leader Movement.

What a fascinating and liberating experience to receive Divine wisdom and alchemize the guidance with my years of experience, talent, and skills to birth the Inner Leader Movement for new earth living.

Aligning with AWE-You

The Inner Leader Movement is a circuity of connection and alignment with your resources and soul gifts: Above, Within, and Earth-below (AWE). This powerful alignment activates, expands, and accelerates the AWE of your essence. As the Guides explained, when you create this circuit of alignment every single day, manifestation and magnetizing what you need in your life service happens. It’s like an electrical current of magic flowing through you.

How does aligning with AWE-You work? It’s quite simple yet not easy as trust and patience are the keys to the soul doorways you have been waiting to open.

Alignment first starts with W for Within. You will not connect fully with the Above resources or create joyful life experiences on Earth-below if you are highly stressed or living with a story that isn’t true about your self-worth and value. And most of all, if you don’t truly love yourself, then your love for others becomes scrambled and confused.

As a Master Trainer for HeartMath which is based upon the science of energy resiliency and heart coherence, the first part of AWE-You circuitry always begins in reducing stress by building personal resilience and creating coherent living environments. After you establish a new internal baseline for coherence, you can take deeper dives and have magical experiences with your heart’s intuitive intelligence, trusting its voice and guidance.

Spiritual generator

The heart also serves as the spiritual generator for your soul’s wisdom to come forth. With each physical heartbeat in coherence, your soul’s light expands around your heart area attracting the resources vibrating in frequency with yours. People, opportunities, and unique connections appear as your magic is being activated.

Next, you radiate your soul’s light to connect more strongly Above with your Higher Self. You are never disconnected from your Higher Self as it is an extension of your soul riding in your physical vehicle, your human body. Your Higher Self expresses itself in another dimension and can access the information regarding the soul blueprint you have painstakingly tried to access through earthly experiences. Now, you have a clear channel with your Spirit Guides, Angels, your Light Resources in higher dimensions Above. You begin to embody the higher frequencies of light and love with trust as more magic starts to flow in your life.

Finally, as you align and expand your consciousness Within and Above, you start to experience your life on Earth-below much differently. You connect and learn to ground your energies by cycling as a true nature spirit of Mother Gaia as a human contributor. Following the moon and planet cycles, honoring seasonal changes, exchanging energy with nature brings you to a different frequency for Earth living. Earth-below manifestations happen to like mushrooms popping up overnight. Your “work-service” mission now becomes effortlessly calm, coherent, and exciting!

As you discover and explore the AWE-You alignment daily, your Inner Leader becomes the only leader to truly trust as you navigate through the extreme earth changes happening at this time, staying above the lower frequencies of 3-D chaos and confusion.  

Daily alignment

AWE-You activates circuitry and alignment creating a beautiful Divine Cosmic loop; Above, Within, and Earth-below for accessing higher consciousness states, inner wisdom, and bringing forth the soul gifts you came here to share and contribute. Your magic and manifestation power become your new reality.

During the Soul Treat event, I will be initiating your unique AWE-You circuity of alignment in an interactive transmission; first bringing your heart into a coherent state, connecting you with your Angel Team and Spirit Guides, and collaborating ideas on how to implement the transmission messages to your Earth-below living.

I look forward to an AWE-You magical experience together with powering up your manifestation abilities for living life with more love, joy, and happiness.

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