All Relationships Are Divine

All Relationships Are Divine by Maryann Patalano #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Divine

All Relationships Are Divine by Maryann Patalano #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Divine

All Relationships Are Divine: There’s No Such Thing as a “Failed” Relationship

Some relationships last and some don’t. Contrary to popular belief, a broken or severed relationship cannot rightly be deemed a failure, or a sustained relationship deemed a success. The fact is that all relationships succeed at achieving something; all are divine.

I ask you to consider the true permanence of any relationship.

Is there anything permanent in this universe? Technically and scientifically speaking, the answer is “no” with regard to things or circumstances. Energy is always moving and changing form. Nothing is static. However, there is one thing that is permanent in this universe—and that is universal energy, or presence. The mysterious, creative, loving intelligence that permeates the entire universe. It is otherwise known as Agape love. It is forever and infinite; it is in and through each and every relationship and circumstance.

On that premise, let’s consider our human relationships.

For example, think back and remember your best friend in kindergarten. Bring that person to your mind (if you can, of course!). Or, consider your high-school bestie (otherwise known as your partner in crime)—remember that relationship? Do you remember your first boyfriend or girlfriend? Can you recall your first kiss, your first love, your first job, your first boss, your first husband, your second wife?

Clearly, we have all had a lot of relationships.

Some of these relationships have seemingly “failed.” Others are considered successful and enduring. We are in relationships every day. Guess what? Spiritually speaking, all relationships, even those that were painful or “failed,” are successful and divine.  Likewise, a long-standing relationship, the so-called “successful” one, can succeed in failing to thrive in a healthy manner, yet offer lessons in love, forgiveness, and self-reflection.

You may have doubts and ask “really?” You may howl, “My ex-boss was a bastard!” “My ex-wife was crazy!” “My ex-girlfriend cheated on me!” “My experience on my first job was a disaster!” “My best friend betrayed me!”

How can these possibly be divine, successful relationships?

I can bet that bestie relationship from kindergarten filled your first year of school with a sense of friendship, fun, and bonding that was unique and brought happiness. To have a friend outside your home or family—how cool! Even though perhaps you outgrew that relationship or it simply came to a natural end, it was a divine connection, not a failure. The same is true for the relationship you had with your best friend from high school, even if you have not seen or heard from them in 30 years!

Let’s consider the relationship with your ex-girlfriend—say that relationship ended in a bitter break-up. Literally a dead end. However, once again, think back on that relationship and consider if you ever experienced a sense of love, connection, and peace. Are you able to recognize that you learned something profound from it? Perhaps you learned to listen to your intuition. Perhaps you grew emotionally or spiritually during the relationship, yet found that you had to give it up because it no longer served you emotionally or spiritually. Perhaps that relationship provided you with the ability to reach a level of forgiveness you never thought was possible. Would your sense of self be the same if you had NOT had the experience of that relationship?

Once again, that relationship was a divine connection, not a failure.

It succeeded in perfectly filling that time and space in your life; it succeeded in delivering a message or lesson and an opportunity to demonstrate forgiveness.

Now, reflect on your first major job; remember your co-workers, your boss. Perhaps your relationship to that job ended with being fired, or you quit out of frustration. Once again, consider if you learned something—even if it was what NOT to do, to avoid being fired. Did it serve to sustain you financially at all? Or, perhaps it delivered a knowledge that you can survive being terminated from a job, and you realize getting fired is not the end of the world. Maybe you discovered that you truly wanted to do something else anyway, and you proceeded to find your true calling. “Fired” does not mean “failure” in the traditional sense. Once again, that relationship was a divine success.

In truth, all relationships are divine because they serve a purpose.

They are also simply an “outpicturing” of whatever our consciousness can accept at that particular time in our lives. So often, we find at the end of a relationship that we are not the same person who entered it. We have changed.

Perhaps you give up codependency and declare your independence. Perhaps at the beginning of a relationship you believed you needed to be liked, wanted, or employed by someone specific to be worthy, but now, you feel a great sense of self-worth and don’t want to bend your rules or values just to be liked or accepted. You are standing in your power. Often, we find that loss actually leads to gain.

It is my belief that all relationships are divine intervention.

Spirit (or God) as yourself is responsible for everything you experience. In some ways you choose the beginning and end of all relationships in your life. You are divinity in form; therefore, anything you experience is infused with the divine, even the so-called “failed” relationships.

I have learned that there is no such thing as a failure or a mistake. The Divine cannot make a mistake— that is an impossibility.

– Maryann

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