We’re All in This Together

We're All in This Together by Sheila Murrey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Together

Most of us now understand that we are navigating uncharted waters, as news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads throughout the world.

And for millions, this situation will challenge us on a variety of levels. My heart and most uplifting thoughts and prayers are with all of you, whether you are suffering physically, emotionally, or financially.

If I’ve learned anything from managing my life, health, and death challenges (like my asthma diagnosis when I was six years of age, to reverse it in 2005, two divorces, my mother’s Alzheimer’s related death in 2017, and my dad’s unexpected passing last year perhaps due to depression and lack of purpose since he had been mom’s sole caregiver) it’s that we need each other. And perhaps because I am an only child, “connection” is my passion.

I’ve most recently learned to ask for help (from my son who builds tiny homes and sets up custom solar systems), after moving to an off-grid property at the end of February. Yes, that means we are living without electricity via a power pole.

So, in a very real sense, we are ALL in this together.

Though we may feel nervous or worried, or speak more abruptly than usual, if we can muster thoughts of compassion for each other, we will come through this situation stronger, and with much more resiliency.

Whether you are home all day with children or feeling stress from the isolation of being home all day, myself and the other Wellness Universe world-changers are here to serve.

We know parents who are home right now, (as many are out of work or forced to stay home from work since their children are home from school) who need emotional support. We are here to support you and offer educational resources for the children who are out of school.

As I have told my daughter, who is a stay-at-home mom of 3-year-old twins and an 8-year-old whose home from school, the mind can conjure the worst, when it focuses on unknowns. While worry and fear is a natural human response, you can manage your worries, and that is of the utmost importance for your well-being.

Focus and meditation help me during unsteady times. It keeps me calm and centered. It keeps me mindful and in the present moment. And it keeps me connected to a limitless and unbounded well of knowledge.

Remember that your children (or your littles, as my daughter calls her toddlers), pick up your anxiety and nervous tension. So, taking care of yourself first really does serve them.

The technique I offer next is not mine, but one I learned from master healer, Lama Nicholas Packard. I offer it to you now, as a way to ease any intensity of fear you feel into a lighter space (yes, even lighter than “concern,” which carries a vibration of fear), to deeply connect you to your heart, the place of love, compassion, and intuition. Practicing this technique can lift your mood, and give you access to intuitive decision-making, allowing you the ability to make much better choices during times like these.

To come into your calm center, try this:

Bring your hands together (Shiva-Shakti), to connect the circuit. All the circuits in your body and mind.

Next, we will do a few minutes of deep breathing with mouth closed to keep our Qi or Chi (our life force energy) IN the body.

Place hands over our dantian (lower belly, or sacral chakra), and push the belly out (focus on belly button) hold count three for beginners, five for most) then exhale pulling Qi down into the body bringing belly button back to the spine and hold. Breathe in, push out, exhale, pull in, this is Tai Chi.

Deep breathing calms the central nervous system, slowing down your thoughts (analytical processing), as you focus on this style of breathing, which is why meditation works.

After you have calmed your nerves, look for new and creative things to do around the house, especially things you can have the children help with. And if they need a bit of incentive to help you with chores, tell them you’ll show them how to make a new recipe or play their favorite card or board game with them. Our children really value our involvement (even if at first, they don’t seem to care). And don’t forget to hug and kiss them often! All of the social distancing talks can seep into their subconscious and you want to show them that this will never keep you from lavishing them with love.

I have been thinking of several things Lama Nicholas told me from the time he lived in Asia during the SARS outbreak, like how people wearing masks ate from open-air street markets (where the food may have only been covered with a sneeze guard). I recall he said how few people fell ill to that virus, in comparison to the number of people living in Asia. The fear surrounding the SARS outbreak had made the issue seem much worse than it was.

While even fear has a purpose, the wise know it is only to drive you to take action. Sitting and spinning in fear serves no purpose (well, except to dig one’s own hole into the dirt, and we don’t want that).

I understand it is challenging to know who to take advice from during this time, so I am thankful you have given me a few minutes of your time today. I hope this article provides some measure of support as you take care of yourself, as well as, your loved ones and those in your circle of influence.

Remember that while it may be difficult to see that everything happens for a reason in times like this, nature always finds a way in the circle of life, and there is a reason for this. I continue to find peace by allowing my mind to rest on the mantra:

In the end, Everything Resolves to Gratitude.

– Sheila

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