Am I Attracting Negative Energy?

Am I Attracting Negative Energy? by Susan Browne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NegativeEnergy

Do you ever wonder if you are attracting negative energy?

Well, if you are wondering that then you might be. The good news is, if you are attracting negative energy right now there are plenty of things you can do quickly to turn that around. There are many factors which influence what sort of energy we attract, we will look at some of them here.

What are you thinking?

Our thoughts have a vibrational frequency and can be either positive, negative or neutral. If you find yourself thinking many negative thoughts, take steps to see the glass as half full, as it were. We choose our thoughts, and while it can be cumbersome to reverse a lifetime of negative thinking you can do this.

What are you exposed to?

What do you watch, read and listen to? Whose company do you keep? Choose wisely as far as possible. And where you must be in the company of people who behave in a negative way, see yourself as a light-bearer, bringing more light to the room rather than adding to the negativity. Listening to an uplifting podcast or audio book when you are driving or doing housework is one way I find very effective for exposing myself to positivity. Watching the news, on the other hand, does not help, as it is geared towards fear which is meant to sell more newspapers.

What sort of people do I notice?

When we find ourselves judging others, ‘she is so gossipy,’ ‘he is so awkward,’ maybe they are acting as a mirror to something we need to address within ourselves. An extreme example might be the parent who feels guilty about shouting at their little one is very judgmental and critical of other parents who shout at their children. This ‘projecting’ perpetuates the bad feeling. Instead of focusing on what we see that we like in others helps us to create that in ourselves and in turn attracts positive energy.

What are You Putting in the Tank?

Our food and what we drink also have a vibrational frequency, and of course this affects our energy. Because this is not a nutritional blog I won’t go into too much detail here. Think: balance. Tip the balance so that more than half of the time you eat healthy, energising foods. If this is not enough, increase that even more. Drinking too much alcohol is said to attract unpleasant energies, as is any mind-altering substance. Too much caffeine makes us feel jittery and fearful – also making us attract this type of energy to us.

What are you visualising about your energy?

If you have a fear that you are attracting negative energy a lot of the time, then guess what? You are. Your fear has created or at the very least contributed to this. So, I ask the question, what sort of energy would you like to attract? Think about it now, let your mind go into detail about it and see it happening. This is much more helpful than pondering on a fear of attracting negative energy.

You are a magnet. Like attracts like. Effectively we are all the time attracting more of what we are. If you are a positive person, you are more likely to attract positive experiences and positive energy. Make sure you are magnetising what you want.

The Energy EFT Approach to Positive Energy

If you were to rate how you feel in this moment just now, and a scale from minus ten all the way through to plus ten. In Silvis Hartmann’s Modern Energy EFT, this is known as the SUE scale (subjective units of experience). Minus ten is the worst you can possibly feel, zero is neutral, and plus ten is the best you can possibly feel.

When we are in the minuses of the scale, it could be said that we are attracting negative energy. This is because it is directly related to our vibrational frequency, which is ever changing. In the minuses, our thoughts are more dense and negative, as are our words and sometimes our actions. Here I have created an Energy EFT video to demonstrate one of the many ways you can use Energy EFT to attract positive energy.

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