Angel Numbers: A Deeper Meaning Part 1

Angel Numbers: A Deeper Meaning Part 1 by Nadia Kim #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AngelNumbers

Angel Numbers: A Deeper Meaning Part 1 by Nadia Kim #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AngelNumbers

For most of my life, I have felt a strong connection to the number 3.

Things always happened in three’s around me. And back then, I didn’t understand why, but I felt that it was a special reason. I was born on the 23rd, in the year 1979. I had three children. I was 33 when I started my awakening into the world of Spirituality, and seeing that my life needed to be different. I dreamed of the number three repeatedly. I would also see 3:33 on the clock often.

What I learned, in time, was that the number 3 had a significant meaning in a lot of other cultures as well. For those in Christianity, it represented the Father-Son-Holy-Spirit trinity. In the Bible, the number 3 is mentioned quite often. In other circles, it meant a Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

The number three has many meanings. So, do all numbers for that matter. That has led me to write a line of articles on the topic of Angel numbers.

Today I am starting with one of my favorites and a number that is close to my heart. Around Halloween, my oldest daughter and son began talking about the number sequence 666. In some religions, that relates back to Satan and it’s considered a dark and evil set of numbers. Many people have superstitions about the number 13.

For me, I ascribe to these as being what is called Angel numbers.

In this blog series, I will feature three numbers that have special meaning to me: 3, 8, and 11. Because just like you and me, we are all vibrational energy. Numbers also have vibrational energy and characteristics that go along with it.

Take myself, for instance, my vibrational energy is called Nadia. Nadia, i.e. me, has characteristics such as optimism, being an unconditional loving entity, compassionate, passionate, strong, spiritually attuned, psychic, loves great tasting food, etc. For the number 3, it vibrates with characteristics such as balance, having what is needed, and receiving the help that is required. It carries an energy of expansion, self-expression, and abundance on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

We see the number 3 when the Angels want to get our attention.

In my own life, seeing the number 3 has meant that change was coming. There was a new level of enlightenment. This was certainly true at age 33. It was as if I woke up and all of the sudden, I saw things a little more clearly. And in time, the more I kept seeing the number, I realized that the Universe was using this number to speak to me. Though, at the time, I was not aware of the language or the idea of Angel numbers.

In Kabbalah, I had learned that there are so many angels in another realm. A new angel is created every minute, depending on our actions. But, the most important take away I had was that Angels want to help us; all you need to do is call on them, ask for their guidance, love, and support. Growing up, my mom taught me to call on Archangel Michael whenever I wanted protection. And believe me, with all the nightmares I had growing up, he was my buddy in the darkness of night, when I trembled in my bed.

When you see the number 3, pay attention to your thoughts. What were you thinking about and what did it mean?

Open up and call on the angels for to help when you see this number. You don’t need to know their names or any formalities. What can you do to connect to your angels when you see this number? Stop what you are doing, and in your mind or out loud, say “I am open to receiving the guidance of my angelic forces.” Then draw in a deep breath in through the nose and release out through the mouth. Close your eyes and tell your angels that you are ready and willing and open to them and their guidance.

It’s important and one thing I always try to tell myself is to release any expectations about what that guidance might look like. I cannot see the big picture as the Angels and spiritual beings in the other realms do. This is because I am limited by this Earth and a physical body.

Pay attention to what happens the rest of the day and week. Check in with your thoughts, journal, and know that just because you asked, it doesn’t mean you have opened yourself up to any dark forces or negative energy.

To protect yourself, you can try doing what I do, when calling on my angels, I specifically say, “I want to connect with the Highest Vibrating Angels that have my best and highest good in their hearts and mind.”

Keep your eyes open to the repetitive angel numbers in your life.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series next week!

– Nadia

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