7 Tips: Appreciating Life Itself as a Sacred Space

Appreciating Life Itself as a Sacred Space by Dru Ann Welch #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #LifeItself

Appreciating Life Itself as a Sacred Space by Dru Ann Welch #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #LifeItself

Each day we get up, get dressed, and head into our lives. We don’t think about a lot of what we do in our daily routines or rituals.

When we create sacred space, we are cleansing the area and then cleansing our souls for a ritual that makes us feel whole and powerful. Our lives should constantly feel this way. There are so many ways we do this daily without being conscious of it that we are missing the opportunity to make our lives our sacred space. For example, getting ready for our day is actually a cleansing ritual. Lighting a candle to freshen the air in your home, is a cleansing ritual. When you wash your hands, you are cleansing your hands. As we start viewing our life as being sacred space, we realize that we can get that special feeling we get at the yoga studio, the gym or the meditation session throughout the day.

Here are some ideas to learn to appreciate life itself as a sacred space:
  1. When getting ready for work in the morning, look yourself in the eyes and say good morning to yourself and wish yourself a beautiful day.
  2. As you are making your breakfast or lunch for the day, say these simple words “I bless this food for my highest and best good”. We have become a society that cooks fast and eats fast. When was the last time you said grace before a meal? By saying grace, we were thanking the food for providing us with nutrition. By blessing your food, you go back to the tradition of being grateful for what has been provided and your food becomes sacred, thus eating becomes sacred again.
  3. How often do we get angry and frustrated driving anywhere? Try this simple thought, “I ask my angels to join me on my journey to help me arrive to my destination safely and without incident.” We all have angels who watch over us, they really like it when we acknowledge them and ask for their assistance.
  4. What is the background music playing throughout your day? Often we don’t even notice it. We turn on the radio and let our thoughts wander. Remember that zen music you loved at the yoga studio? Download some of that and put it on when driving or at your desk. Take the music with words that don’t serve you and put it out of your sacred space. Fill your ears with beautiful sounds so that you can make your drive time a meditation.
  5. Notice your thought speak. Are you driving down the road creating scenarios about something that happened yesterday or last night? We do this all the time with lots of different scenarios in our heads. When we stop playing the should have game we can start using that time to create the going to game. That is simple use of the law of attraction. When you change your thought speak, you can begin to attract more of what you want in life.
  6. Look at the things you have gathered into your life and set around you in your car, office and home. Do these things represent what you believe to be sacred? Do they help create a sacred space for you to flow through each day? If not, change them out, redecorate. When we redecorate our surroundings to reflect our view of sacred space we begin to live in the sacred space we love each day.
  7. Stop judging and start sending love. When we judge we are essentially saying I don’t deserve that and you don’t either. The next time that judgement comes up in your life think, “what is it about this person or situation that is triggering me?” When you identify it, tell yourself it is okay and send love to that situation. Then send love to the person that you were judging. You will notice the shift.
Our society is obsessed with creating a place to go to and call our sacred space. It is time that we stop looking outward and start realizing that our life itself is a sacred space, we just need to cleanse it and honor it daily.


Dru Ann