Appreciating the Journey of Life

Appreciating the Journey of Life by Rachael Taylor #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AppreciatingTheJourney

Appreciating the Journey of Life by Rachael Taylor #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AppreciatingTheJourney

We all have goals and visions for our life, things we want to be, things we want to have, and things we want to do.

This is wonderful! It’s great to have direction, drive and powerful reasons behind why those goals should be reached. What ends up happening, though, is it takes longer than we expect or anticipate hitting this goal, and some discouragement, disappointment, and frustration can set in. When what you want feels farther away than you thought, and nearly out of reach, it can get hard to keep believing and working towards that dream.

But, you have that dream and goal in your heart and soul for a reason, so when half of you wants to keep reaching for it and the other half is ready to punt on it, your mind gets caught in the crossfire. This is where sabotage, resistance, procrastination, and fatigue can set in, and then threaten to take our vision away from us. I have good news though, there’s a way to retrain your brain and not the distance you need to travel stop or discourage you.

It starts with trusting that it’s going to happen in its own time.

Everything happens for a reason and little dominoes lead to your big vision and goal for your life. Sometimes we have to set up more dominoes than we think in order to get the whole pattern to come to life. That’s 100% ok!

When you can release the hard deadlines and urgency and focus on what needs to consistently happen on a practical, habitual level that’s when you can make some real progress. Being patient and trusting in the work you’re doing will re-center what your mind is focused on.

Once you can do that, the next level is your words.

Your words come from your thoughts, your thoughts come from your beliefs. What you hear yourself saying about your goals and dreams is what you believe about them. This has incredible power, and more than a lot of people recognize. Your brain is your most powerful tool for helping you start appreciating the journey.

Start to notice what you say about your dream, is it positive or is it negative? What feelings and outcome are you associating with it? When you consciously change your wording, you can retrain your brain to replace negative beliefs with positive beliefs.

The last level is to be kind to yourself. Appreciating the journey and how far you’ve come in your life will keep you positive and focused, and also give you a secret weapon to shut down negative thoughts and actions.

You have come so far and you’re already so much closer to your dream than you were even a month ago. It may not feel like it, but it’s true. You are not the same person you were when you first found your passion or created this vision for your life. You’re exactly where you need to be and are learning and growing at the exact speed you need to be.

Spend time thanking your past self for all the hard work it’s done. Thank your current self for all the hard work you’re doing right now. Practice having compassion, especially when you feel like you’re not doing enough. You’re doing more than enough and you’re in the perfect place.

Appreciating the journey is all about releasing the pressure, training your brain to believe in the reality of what you want, and giving yourself permission to be exactly who you are in this moment right now.

Stay on your path and start appreciating the journey, my friends. You’re doing great!

– Rachael

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