Archangel Ariel: Creating Prosperity

Archangel Ariel: Creating Prosperity by Pamela Dussault #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ArchangelAriel
Archangel Ariel: Creating Prosperity by Pamela Dussault #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ArchangelAriel
Create Prosperity through Nature with Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel, whose name means “Lioness of God,” is the keeper of the natural environment. She is the protector of animals, birds, fish, the land, the waters and the air. She works closely with nature spirits, elementals, and fairies as well as those whose home is immersed within nature itself. She is the angelic embodiment of Mother Nature.

You may be wondering, “That’s nice, but what does this have to do with prosperity?”

When Archangel Ariel appeared to me several years after I began working with AA Michael and AA Raphael, she expressed how she wanted to work with me to strengthen my connection to nature and to the natural abundance available on Mother Earth. I received this message one day while I was walking in nature, enjoying the sunshine and warmth it was giving. Suddenly a gust of wind swirled some leaves in a tiny tornado-like fashion in front of me. There was no wind anywhere else to be felt! I knew this was a sign from the angelic realm, so I stopped and listened to her message.

She showed me how in nature, there is an abundant supply of food and shelter for all of life. She pointed out the unlimited beauty nature contains as well. She continued to show me that as we align with that truth, we can align with the infinite supply of abundance and prosperity that is available at every moment because, we too, are a part of nature. This message resonated with me as I always give appreciation and thanks to Mother Earth for all she provides.

Some of the ways Archangel Ariel can assist us in stepping into the flow of abundance and prosperity are by:
Sacred Reciprocity (Ayni) –

Sacred reciprocity or Ayni is an indigenous Andean cultural practice of balanced giving and receiving. Many of us live in a culture of “What can I get out of this” in order to have our needs met as opposed to “What can I give?”. If you can shift your focus to Ayni in alignment with sacred service while putting your faith and trust in the Universe, you will find that your needs will be met in unexpected ways. Not to mention the abundance of friends and supporters you will make along the way!

Give Back to Nature –

AA Ariel’s specialty is to protect and heal all of nature; trees, animals, waters, etc. She says when you can give your time and effort to do the same, no matter how little or how small, you will reap the reward of prosperity. While she won’t exclude your needs if you don’t, she knows that giving back will put you in the flow of infinite supply simply because of how open your heart will become to receiving in return.

Follow Your Heart –

AA Ariel has beautiful pink energy, the color of unconditional love, which she will use to open your heart enough so you can listen to its wise guidance – especially when it comes to prosperity. When you follow your heart, you emit a sense of authenticity and people are attracted to that. To follow your heart is to be genuine. And to be genuine is to embody abundance. Thus, like attracts like.

Ask and You Shall Receive –

AA Ariel says to simply ask her and the Divine for what you need. Then become receptive while having faith and trust that you will receive what you need when you need it. Hint: Once you ask, remain in a passive state of allowance. If you ask then become forceful in “getting” then you put yourself into an endless cycle of lack.

Archangel Ariel cautions you to remain open and receptive to receiving something different from what you might be expecting. Many times, we think money is the answer but it isn’t always. For instance, if you are hoping for more money to go on a trip, instead be open to receiving a paid vacation! If you would like to learn more about how to work with Archangel Ariel, I invite you to check out my webinar.

This concludes the 7-part series on Creating with the Archangels! I hope you’ve enjoyed these articles and have found them productive and healing!

Abundant blessings of love,


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