Are You Tired of Starting Over?

Are You Tired of Starting Over? By Elena Puntaroli #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Over
Are you tired of starting over?

Do not be ashamed if you give up on your dreams; all the great dreamers and visionaries did it many times before they succeeded!

Moments of doubts and uncertainty are always present, as well as moments of confidence and certainty. Do not think about the outcome but rather, HOW DOES YOUR DESIRE MAKE YOU FEEL?

This is the turning point, this is the key.

This is how you can transform a frustrating state into a loving one. Turn your attention to why you love your desire so much. FEEL how it makes you feel. This is the reason why life gave you this desire: TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.

If your desire does not make you feel good, you’ve lost sight of it, and maybe, long ago. You are no longer in the emotional state of your desire, but rather, in its lack. And when you look from the perspective of lack, there is no colour, no meaning, no love, and no light at all.

Every person that asks for something more in life because life is an evolution and it makes you always ask for something more. If you do not want to have any desire, this is still a desire because you can also experience the lack of desire. We live in a dual Universe and this is how it works.

So, do not feel bad if right now you are feeling that you do not have what you want. Breathe and do something else if it is too difficult to think of something more positive right now.

You have infinite possibilities to align again and again to your Light and seeing life from a higher perspective. Ups and downs are part of the play, but they are not the end of the play.

If you live events that you consider to be negative, it is not said that they should play this role for the rest of your life. In time, you can learn to read them in another way. Something may happen unexpectedly that overwhelms you emotionally and/or physically, and it can determine a very strong state of mind. This is a natural reaction because you are being touched by emotions.

Therefore, it is alright to give yourself some time for living this “emotional earthquake,” not try to remove it straight away, diminishing or camouflaging it with other colours; living it with the intensity that we feel to live it because the present moment is important and we cannot avoid it, making faint that it has not touched us or disowning it.

Emotions indeed serve precisely this: to give us an indication of how we perceive the reality and the effect they have on us. The interpretation of what happened is something that comes after, we cannot place it before. First, is to fully live the experience, and when the emotional wave has passed, we can get a better clarity on the strings that touched us within, its meaning, and how we can transform it into something positive, rather than consider it something that just hurts.

You do not have to start over.

That is tiring and stressful even to think of; you just need to move a little bit in order to gain a new perspective and feel the relief.

Learning to see the good things that every experience has brought to us is an art; the art of appreciation. And exactly as all arts, you can learn it. Appreciation invites us to find something that can give us relief, that we like and we feel positive about: it turns out that appreciation transforms the events.

When the storm has passed, we discern what remains in the calm waters of the sea, what there is now, and perhaps never existed before; a different approach and a renewed sense of identity, a greater inner strength or safety, anything like that.

There is always this possibility as we can always find out what we do like and what we do not like. It is good to remember that all situations, even those we would be happy to avoid, have the potential to give us some growth. Maybe we won’t see it immediately, but in time we will learn to appreciate it after taking more distance from the emotion and all that had happened.

Appreciation can be applied to everything and within seconds it can change our mood because when we appreciate, we cannot loath or complain at the same time as they are very opposing vibrations.

Showing appreciation a few minutes each day can help us regain our centre and to feel the love flowing in our hearts.

We naturally often appreciate without even realizing it, but if we start being aware of it, we can consciously use this tool when we need it the most.

We can start by showing appreciation of very small things. When we are in bed, we can express the thought-feelings of appreciation for the warm duvet and sheets that surround us, the softness of the pillow, and so on. When it rains, we can appreciate this gift from heaven that bathes all plants and trees and offering refreshment. We can appreciate what we wear, what we eat, what we do, the words that we can address to someone, the music we listen to, and the tasks that we fulfill today because they facilitate the work of tomorrow.

We can appreciate the blue sky and these very breaths we take as that means we are fully alive and awake.

– Elena

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