Are You Using Your Relaxation Reflex?

The season of summer is a time of relaxation, fun, and playfulness.

Or is it? Have you ever been totally worn out by the preparations for your vacation? Or have you taken a vacation and then needed a vacation from your vacation?

If you said to the questions above you aren’t alone. The season takes us out of routine. There is usually a lot going on – kids out of school, longer days, family vacations, and keeping up with daily commitments at home and at work. Summer can leave you missing that relaxed feeling that you remember from childhood.

In my last blog, I wrote about the new energy that has entered our planet, connecting us to the energy of love and grace, and anchoring this energy more deeply within our own hearts. We are literally shifting from the inside out; to be and to live differently as we trust and relax into ourselves. The message continues to be the importance of relaxing and going inward supporting a change to your alignment to live in a new way.

Use your Relaxation Reflex as it creates peace within and in your outside world.

Relax into wherever you are. Relax into your life, your work and your day-to-day tasks.

Relax the mind and the mental chatter – that can be even busier than our outer lives.

The relaxation reflex is engaged when you move into the day with joy and a sense of relaxation instead of dread or worry about something you have to do.

Find a few minutes for some “quiet” time to connect to your heart.

Relax into what you are doing.

Set the relaxation reflex in motion.

Keep a mindset of relaxation.

Write an affirmation and keep it in a place where you will see it each day.

Affirmations you may want to try:

I AM relaxed when I …..
Today, I relax into my day.
I AM supported as I relax in every area of my life.

Then find what comes up for you? Notice the old stories.
“If I relax I won’t …”
“I can’t relax because …”
“Relax and work is that possible?”
“I try to relax but it doesn’t work.”
“Relax and work … impossible to do.”

What tools do you have to let go of those stories? Observe what happens when you relax into your life.

What my clients notice over and over again is how life seems to move more easily when they relax. Many find they have “extra” time. Things seem to work out when there is a challenge. Life becomes easier.

As you relax, the universe conspires to support and align with you in a new way. Grace and magic abound.

Summer is a perfect time to start to “perfect” your relaxation reflex and shift your alignment so you can carry it into the busier, energetic harvest season that lies ahead.