Asking A Fortune Teller for Love?

Asking A Fortune Teller for Love? by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FortuneTeller

Asking A Fortune Teller for Love? by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FortuneTeller

Last year, a friend of mine went to a fortune teller.

She asked the woman if and when she would find love, and in response, she was told that by the end of her next birthday that she would find love. Ever since then, she was hopeful and excited to meet this mystery man.

And despite the fortune tellers’ message being simple, there was still a part of it she was missing.

Several weeks ago, she celebrated her birthday and became disappointed when she had not met anyone yet. She dismissed what the fortune teller had told her and said she didn’t believe in magic anymore. However, what she had failed to take notice of was the flowers delivered to her doorstep with a note from a familiar person.

Attached was a love note from an admirer that had been waiting patiently for her for years. She didn’t tell me what it said, but I can only imagine it was a positive and loving message. The clues and signs were there, and those flowers could have been the start of a long-lasting happy relationship.

So, it surprised me when she didn’t realize that the fortune teller was, in fact, correct in her prediction and chose to reject him.

But why? I think that at some point she created this magical scene in her mind about what should have happened. Maybe she would have been out on her normal routine when out of nowhere a handsome young man approaches and declares his love for her. I could go on guessing forever as to what she thought it would look like to “find the right man.”

But in reality, it was plain and simple right there in front of her the whole time. In my opinion, the fortune tellers’ predictions were probably true. But what didn’t work out wasn’t that she didn’t find someone, it was that she stopped believing she would.

This story can hold a great message to everyone out there looking for love:

  • Women: if you believe that all men are assholes, guess what? You will only ever date assholes. Know why? Because when you meet a guy who is one, you will accept his behavior. And when you meet a guy who isn’t an asshole, it won’t work out because you don’t believe it will.
  • If you believe that you are doomed to be single and lonely forever (like my friend did), you will never find someone for the exact same reason – because you don’t believe. The right person for you might have been under your nose the whole time or walks past you every day on the street. But, if you believe that you will be single forever, you’ll never take them up on that offer or allow yourself to catch feelings.

I know that being single for a long time can cause people to give up and accept loneliness.

I know the feeling all too well as I have been single for over a year and a half now. I still haven’t met anyone or even casually dated. I’m okay with that because I have hope that I will meet someone one day. I don’t know when or how, but believing makes it happen faster, as you spend less time looking at the clock ticking by. And besides, I’m never going to complain about having more me-time.

My friend had put the entire responsibility of meeting someone on a mystery guy, fate, changing her appearance, the fortune teller, or literally anything else, except on herself. If she had held the power and responsibility within herself for meeting someone, she would have opened up to the possibility that the right guy was there all along. She might have decided to give him a chance with her and see where it went.

This is why it is so important to hold the responsibility of meeting someone on yourself. The moral of the story is that the only reason my friend missed an opportunity for love was that she didn’t truly BELIEVE she would meet someone. She was given clues by a fortune teller and a bouquet of flowers on her doorstep, yet still doesn’t know who ‘Mr. Right’ is.

Open your eyes to the people around you and give love a chance! You just might be surprised who you find.

– Eliana

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