Awaken Your Inner Goddess Through Fitness

Awaken Your Inner Goddess Through Fitness by Estelle Bonaceto #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #InnerGoddess

To know your inner Goddess is to know your true source of feminine strength.

This powerful source is beyond an individuals’ physical vessel and is hard-wired within each of us regardless of gender.

What Works: Approaches to Awaken Your Inner Goddess
  1. Focus on wholeness, not body parts.
  2. Ditch fashion magazines and pop culture trends that offer quick and easy “fixes” to correct your “problem” areas.
  3. Breathe yourself back to center. Staying with your breath as you move through movements increases your body awareness and is immediately grounding.
  4. Connect to and engage the power center located at your solar plexus. Bend your knees, place your weight in your heels and slightly tip your pelvis upward. You will then begin to feel a connection to this center. Brace and then breathe into this space to establish a sense of the power you have within. Channel energy through focused movement from this power center with an exhale. In time, this connection will help you to feel and experience yourself as more than your exterior shell. Examples of activities that are ideal for incorporating this method of connected focused movement include; boxing, martial arts, yoga, and many types of dance.
  5. Engage in physical activities that present opportunities to vocalize movements upon exhale. Vocalization, which comes from an empowered connected space, helps you to internalize the importance of speaking from a place of inner truth and personal power.
Dancing is primal – it helps us experience our own inner rhythms and helps us to meld them with our outer reality.

The key here is to maintain a non- judgmental stance. Dance/fitness classes like Zumba can be great fun and the energy one experiences from being in a group of like-minded peers is an elevating experience. However, focused dance movements that allow for a ‘free flow’ are especially grounding, energy raising, emotionally/spiritually healing and help the dancer to experience themselves from the inside out. See Journey dance

Find Ways to Celebrate Pain-free Movement AND the Gift of Mobility

Practice mindful movements throughout your daily routine. Let them bring your awareness to the amazing things your body CAN do. For example, I like to jump the last two steps of my stairs in the morning and do handstands between clients. I thank my body often and recognize and appreciate the gift of pain-free movement.

For those with arthritis or individuals who experience pain during weight-bearing exercises (such as those with plantar fasciitis or fibromyalgia), pain-free movements may be achieved through swimming activities. Easier on the joints, many people feel liberated and more comfortable in their bodies while experiencing the buoyancy of water movement. Add an ocean swim and receive the added benefit of salt water clearing. Bring out your inner Mermaid or Merman.

Stay PRESENT in the moment during your fitness activities.
  • Resist the urge to disconnect from your body.
  • Focus on your breathing so you may experience yourself without a lot of distraction by inner chatter.
  • Include activities simply because they bring you joy.

Knowing that you are connected from your core being to a higher powerful source beyond your physical vessel will help you to “stand taller” and embrace all that you are. This has the potential to spill out into every other area of your life.

True feminine power comes not from achieving some bogus standard of beauty, but from the strength of your connection to source energy. Raise it up! Feel the power. Reject trends that entice you to align with a false self and prey upon any ego-needs to feel good superficially. WE are so much more than consumers. We are Gods and Goddesses who deep down know the truth. Lovingly bring forth your true feminine strength and power — out into the world!


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