Are You Aware of Your Subconscious Programs?

Are You Aware of Your Subconscious Programs? by Monika Braun #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SubconsciousPrograms

Are You Aware of Your Subconscious Programs? by Monika Braun #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SubconsciousPrograms

Imagine that your reality is not fixed and what you see depends on the codes of interpretation present in your subconscious.

Imagine that all matter is not “material” because everything in the universe consists of atoms that are made up of vortices of energy and the subatomic world is an organizing energy field. So all matter, including the matter that creates the human body, is made up of waves of vibrating energy (quantum physics).

Each cell of our body is a library of information. This information decides how our body functions. Imagine now that your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are waves of energy and electromagnetic information that reach the cells in the entire body with the help of a matrix and affect its functioning.

What’s more, your consciousness can intentionally change matter, regenerate body and organs, and restore health, as well as cause diseases, depression, and various types of dysfunctions.

Human potential is unlimited, but then what stands in the way of living the life we desire?

The original creator of everything that we experience is our thoughts. We are the creators of a fluid reality that adapts to our paradigms. The only breaks in creating the desired projection exist at the subconscious level.

What is the Subconscious?

The subconscious is a program written in the cells of the body, and it results from the experiences and insights we acquire in the course of our life experience (or is inherited in the DNA code).

Because it is a million times stronger than the consciousness, the chances of living the life we want to live without changing the program are one to a million. – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Our desires at the conscious level have no power if our subconscious beliefs send out conflicting information.

For example. the belief that we do not deserve love (created as a result of our negative experiences) existing at the subconscious level, will create energy information which is saturated with the fear of love. The person who bears such information, despite trying hard to love and being loved, will attract situations and people confirming his or her subconscious belief that he or she does not deserve love.

Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – C.G. Jung

Your health, happiness, and well-being are dependent only on the frequency of your subconscious beliefs and thoughts. You do not get what you want, but the equivalent of the energy information you send. The Universe. God, does not answer your words nor your conscious requests, but gives you exactly what fits the vibrations of the energy you carry, so your fear attracts negative events. Therefore, affirmations of the conscious mind are not very effective if they contradict the sub-conscious program.

In order to heal the negative memories at the cellular level, which, together with the positive ones, are the basis for subconscious programs, they should be given a new meaning and conviction.

Memories are the result of interpreting the events.

The same event can create emotions and insights in one person and different ones in the other, and in this way, two different energy patterns of memories can be created.

And again, what beliefs it creates will depend on the pre-existing subconscious beliefs that will affect the interpretation of the particular event. It is not the events that decide our happiness or misfortune but our attitude towards them.

There are many techniques and therapies that allow you to become aware of these beliefs and programs so you can change them. Such a change may occur by reprogramming the frequency of the energy pattern of this memory, by changing its vibrations from lower to higher so from fear to love.

What in energy medicine may seem like magic, is really a rational manipulation of energies and information in a logical and scientifically consistent manner. – William Tiller

Psychokinesiology allows us to reach this information, read it, and reprogram one’s subconscious programs.

During the first session, I can already read the big part of the subconscious emotional blocks and defenses, and set the subconscious mind free of their influence. To strengthen the process of releasing, I also use Tachyon and channeling.

– Monika

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