Be The Change You Want to See


Be the change you want to see ~ Mahatma Ghandi.

Do you ever look around you and despair about what is going on in the world?

It seems that there is corruption, disease, poverty, starvation and misery.

What we read and hear in the media certainly does not help does it?

We get angry, we despair, we get depressed and we feel helpless, we feel powerless because seemingly it is out of our control to do anything.

Is there anything we can do to change things?

Well, yes, there is.

Don’t be stupid you might say, how can I do that?

See above what Mahatma Ghandi said?

How can you do that?

Start with a change in you.


Give what you can. Time, money, a listening ear, fast, pray and decide to make a change in your outlook by stopping judging others and simply do what you can in your own corner of the world.

You may find over time that your corner becomes bigger and you can do more.

For example;

When you see someone in the street perhaps begging, don’t just walk by and ignore them, but at least feel some compassion for their plight. It could be you. We have been hearing a lot about how people in this sort of plight, brought it upon themselves in some way, so therefore don’t deserve our compassion. Another thought with someone in this plight is to think that if I give to one I have to give to another.

If you are nearby a lot of people like this, then of course it is not possible to give to them all, but you can just offer a thought or a prayer, whatever you may call it with your particular belief, but not just walk on by. Certainly don’t feel guilty, but just the thought will reach that person in some way, and you will have done your bit.

Try not to judge those in government, they do sometimes make decisions that don’t fit in with what you believe they should do. Just remember that we who are fortunate enough to be born into a demographic society, can appreciate that fact and not be living under a dictatorship, and pray for those who are not.

Remember two of the sayings by Mother Teresa

‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them.’,and “Life is an opportunity, benefit from it”.

Many people reading my blogs, are into eating healthily and get frustrated when they see the misinformation that comes over from the media and society in general.

You can do your bit you know, and don’t just have to sit and be angry.

I have read about people when watching the TV about diet etc. shaking their fists at the TV and getting angry. This is pointless. Don’t watch it if it makes you angry, but you can channel that anger by knowing that at least YOU are doing something about it.

I saw a film some time back about the big Food Consortium, Montana, and the way that they are treating their farmers, and in the long run, us.

They end the film with saying that the only way we can fight back is with our purses.

In other words, try not to buy into eating stuff that comes from dodgy sources.

Eat as close to home as possible and as fresh as possible. Frozen is ok as long as you check the source.

Don’t make the mistake of buying organic chicken and then eat chicken from a takeaway where you don’t know the origin!

Which brings us back to the start.

Be the change to want to see!

That’s what it’s all about!