The Best Exercises for Your Personality

The Best Exercises for Your Personality by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Personality
The Best Exercises for Your Personality: The 4 Temperaments and their Predominate Humours

We are all unique individuals with different perspectives about life and things in general. Our uniqueness can be expressed in various ways and can also reflect the kind of lifestyle we choose to live when it comes to physical activities, diet, and our social status. You may wonder what role an element like personality may play in exercises; you will be surprised at what you discover.

Personality can be perceived as an individual’s psychological makeup that may result from experiences; from childhood awareness all the way to adulthood, which shape the actions and reactions to that individual’s environment as either positive or negative.

So now, let’s discover who you are and what category of exercises may suit your unique personality. According to the ancient Greek Theories of Humour, there are four basic components of bodily fluids that reflect personalities. The theory states that an individual might find where they are likely to excel in a specifically structured exercise plan.

Blood Type Personality – Sanguine

These are usually the cheerful, outgoing individuals, ever optimistic and tend to be adventurous; they are always ready to try out new activities and stick to their routine exercise plans, their body type may not limit them and therefore they will benefit significantly from team sports such as ball games, fitness classes such as aerobics, Zumba, dance classes where the energy given from such individuals is extended to others in the group creating an atmosphere of enjoyable and productive workouts.

Explore further with competitive circuit resistant exercises and fartlek in teams or groups.

Yellow Bile Personality- Choleric

Individuals in this group are usually of an irritable disposition. They may not be patient enough to engage in group activities where others are slow and inefficient in their practice. Relationships with others may be dominating in exercises where they are skilled. Body type preferences may not limit the individuals in this category in any way. They will excel in semi individual-team sports such as racquet games, golf, swimming, hunting, car racing, where their movement is swift, as their dominant strength keeps them engaged throughout the practice without interruption from others.

Get active also with karate, taekwondo, tae-bo, high impact step aerobics, skating, and rock climbing.

Black Bile Personality – Melancholic

It’s interesting to find that even individuals in this category have some form of sports and exercises they can engage in to keep fit, being sad or depressed isn’t an excuse to set yourself aside while you watch every other person have fun. There are wonderful activities such as indoor exercises which include programmed gym activities, weightlifting, core training, or even circuit exercises for at least 45mintues a day twice a week to boost the hormones that will give you feelings of pleasantness.

Individuals may try their hands-on hula hooping programmes, although body type may be a limitation, it should not distract you from enjoying the benefits of exercises, which will elevate your moods and restructure your physical appearances positively.

Engage your body with billiards, cycling, hiking, rollerblading, fishing, rope jumping, and canoeing/rowing/kayaking. These will help stimulate the body system towards a better outcome.

Phlegm Personality – Phlegmatic

Just because you are calm and indifferent about things that go on around you doesn’t mean exercises aren’t right for you. Quiet people have a concentration span and can process active information even though they might not be bothered about what it has to offer them. If you fall in this category, individual sports or exercise may be the best for you. You don’t get to bump into people, and you don’t get to compete so much while enjoying the benefits of fitness during the activities.

You may relax with home exercises such as gardening, mowing your lawns, trimming bushes, using a stationary bike for at least 45-minutes, lap swimming, 45-minute yoga class, running a distance solo, tai chi, cycling, fishing, stair climbing, canoeing/rowing/kayaking, horseback riding, bowling, hiking, and backpacking amongst others.

It is also essential to identify that as an individual you may have one or more of each personality, this gives room for you to exercise your flexibility in the choices of physical activities that will enable you to reach your fitness goals, so feel free to choose randomly and try out exercises you have never done before.

Create something new for yourself and others around you.

– Amanda

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