The Best Way to Heal A World of Hurt

The Best Way to Heal A World of Hurt by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WorldOfHurt

The Best Way to Heal A World of Hurt by Accolon Hollingsworth #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WorldOfHurt

How to Use Our Anger towards what’s Wrong in the World

A lot of us are fed up with the turmoil, abuse, and suffering in the world. We hear so many narratives that this is all getting worse. And we see so many examples of events that make this seem true.

We want better. We are looking for ways to make this world more enjoyable: to heal this world of hurt. Some solutions work better than others.

One option is to jump into events with anger and outrage at the horrible happenings we want to stop. We can act out a reactionary rampage fighting the good fight. This approach, however, causes more problems than it solves.

Anger is a healthy response to abuses, but its usefulness is in calling us to action and calling us to use our power to make changes. Anger is useful as a signal but can lead to defeat when wielded as a weapon. When we wield anger as a weapon, we can become abusive ourselves. Remember that abuses are fueled by anger and that abusers rationalize their abusive behavior with justifications. Let’s not fall into that same trap as we fight them. We do not make the world better by becoming toxic.

The Restorative Way

This is the best way to heal humanity, and our world takes much more discipline, but it feels better and works better. While toxic anger tears apart the healthy culture, the best approach restores it. This solution takes strength and commitment, but it is so worth it. This is less dramatic than fighting in anger but is more powerful. It is subtle, but pervasive in its healing influence. This solution transcends toxicity, increases basic goodness in the world, and actively heals suffering.

The Challenge of Being Wonderful Amidst the World’s Discouragements

The best way to heal a hurt world is to be wonderful. This is not a platitude! This is actually hard necessary work. Don’t dismiss this as too simple or impractically positive. This is crucial, and there is a lot to this. Read on and hear me out.

In the face of hostility and bombardment of discouraging, saddening, maddening and scary news about the ways so many of us humans are hurting each other, it is easy to hide our wonderfulness in private or selective reserve. It is easy to let our wonderfulness be overrun by our fear, sadness, and anger. We can lose touch with our own wonderful.

And we also contend with social programming that tells us we are not wonderful. We learn to attack ourselves and beat ourselves down. Guess what? That is abuse protocol. Abusers are made by cutting them off from their wonderful (convincing them they are horrible and worthless), getting them to abuse themselves and then turn their self-abuse outwards.

And of course, when we have been abused (which is a mind-boggling many of us), it is easy to adopt this abuse protocol. Many of us keep our abusive thoughts and behavior to ourselves, but it comes out in toxic ways anyway. Self-abuse mutes our souls from contributing our spiritual magnificence to humanity’s health.

Putting This into Practice: An Example

My kung fu teacher taught me to teach by example. I will relate this best practice for healing a wounded world by sharing how I do this in my own experience.

Being Relentlessly Wonderful

I practice self-mastery and spiritual warriorship. As a Spiritual Kung Fu Warrior, I endeavor to bring light to the darkness by which I mean being health to sickness (spiritually speaking) and enjoyment to suffering. But my spiritual practice, ultimately, is being relentlessly wonderful.

In the face of negative influences, discouraging behaviors, and contrary mentality in the world, this takes great:

  • Discipline
  • Strength
  • Determination
  • Resilience
  • Self-healing
  • Accountability
  • Self-mastery

To me, being relentlessly wonderful is a sacred responsibility and is a part of my service to humanity.

Wonderful from The Inside Outward

Every minute of every day this is my prime preoccupation. This is my creative drive in all my interactions with myself and others. I continually apply my commitment (of being wonderful) to my relationship with my:

  • Weaknesses
  • Faults
  • Imperfections

I don’t allow myself to make them worse by beating myself up about them. I hold myself lovingly accountable to improve myself past them. And I don’t let my flaws be more prevalent than my wonderful qualities.

I do my best not to let my mistakes get in the way of bringing my wonderful to the world. And if I mess up by acting out of my flaws, I am wonderful to myself by being gracious about messing up. To make myself genuinely wonderful, l apply my wonderful qualities to my own flaws, such as:

  • Lovingness
  • Mental Strength
  • Self-acceptance

(By the way, this is a core practice of self-mastery). I am wonderful to myself and am therefore better able to be wonderful to others.

Applying Your Wonderful

I bring my wonderful to people as I interact with them. More specifically, I bring my wonderful out to meet theirs. Those who are responsive brighten energetically and they feel wonderful. When this happens we feel mutually enlivened as we connect in recognition of our inner-wonderful.

Sometimes I encounter people who are not so receptive to an exchange of wonderful: people who prefer to angry conflict. Their wonderful is hidden from me (and likely from them as well).  When they go hard edge toward me, I go around their hard edge and connect with something softer in their being. Instead of combating their hard stance with one of my own, I bypass the fight they are trying for. One approach I have success with is to convey my genuine for their happiness. Often when I do this the person abandons their conflict stance and harmonizes with me while I help bring out the goodness in them.

Boundaries and Defending Your Wonderful

Some people are so toxic that they attack spitefully. These people are completely unreceptive to my help bringing out the best in them. They are too invested in defending the negative lies they believe about themselves to be interested in the relief of connecting to their wonderful.

I don’t let these people abuse me. I withdraw from them if I can. If I need to, I defend myself using verbal or physical self-defense.

Additionally, I defend my wonderful by not becoming toxic as I defend myself. The goal is to maintain a healthy mentality through the conflict and de-escalate it. Being relentlessly wonderful is challenging.

The Need for Help Behind the Hard Edge

When someone’s wonderful is hidden from their sense of self, it is typically by negative social programming that has them convinced they are unlikeable, unlovable, or worthless. Most of us suffering from this are looking for help finding their wonderful or help to believe in it. Many of us are needing encouragement and are therefore receptive receiving the wonderful spark.

I make sure such people find the encouragement they need when they encounter me. I am able to do so because I keep tending my own wonderful. I treat them wonderfully energetically and with my actions. I brighten my energy by turning on my wonderful in response to them. Their wonderful comes forward in response. This is passing the spark of wonderful that increases basic goodness which heals a hurt world.

Doing Your Part

My ability to pass the spark of wonderful comes from my spiritual practice of being relentlessly wonderful. I encourage you to be wonderful to yourself, and pass the spark of wonderful on to others. If you are already doing this, thank you! In this way, we effectively bring more light to the darkness in the world.

In this way, we use our power to effectively heal a world of hurt!

– Accolon

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