Beyond DNA: 3 Ways Your Ancestors Show up in Your Life

Your Ancestral Treasure Map

Whether you’re adopted and know nothing about your biological family or you’re a seasoned pro at genealogy and family history, you can discover a whole lot about your ancestors just by looking into your own amazing world.

Most of us who know our lineage, or at least our immediate family, will notice similarities in facial features, body build, hair color, and even our gifts for writing, music, and sports, etc.

Sometimes we even recognize those epigenetic moments of doing the same little happy dance in the kitchen, growing roses to perfection, or being the one in the family who can walk the slackline without falling.

How do I know this? In part, because I’m adopted, and I knew nothing of my genetic family until I met my birth mother at age 19 and my birth father at age 54.

My birth mother and I had worked for the same company, same office (and sat at the same desk at least once). That location was more than two hours from where either of us had grown up.

My birthfather profiled fingerprints, whilst I made a career of profiling irises. Three of my first cousins pursued careers I’d chosen early in life, right down to the college or university I’d applied to.

The world of coincidences goes far beyond our careers, gifts for music, writing, and life situations.

So how about you?

What clues are included in your treasure map and how can you recognize them?

The indicators in Your Eyes

There’s a popular social media post from one of the big DNA companies about not being able to see your ancestors, but I beg to differ. I take photos of irises. I photograph the very treasure map with which you were born. For me, this is much like the front label of a DVD where you read Dolby sound, or the title The Sound of Music or Transformers.

Just like a DVD, an entire movie is coded within the iris, and you must have the right player to decode what’s contained in your label.

While the front of your DVD has print and images, so do your eyes. The fiber separations (sometimes called Lacuna) often reveal your gifts and talents, such as for writing, athletic competition, or even board games.

Those Pesky Repeat Patterns

Let’s face it. We all have them. That moment when we scream, aloud or to ourselves, “You never listen to me! or that roll of the eyes as we think, Whatever I do it’s just not good enough for that man or for that woman.

This is my playground; the world of repeat patterns of our ancestors (whether you’re adopted or not). Often the creases and furrows in our eyes, reveal the areas of ancestral traumas.

You don’t need a photo of your eyes to spot these. The phrase we scream over and over. The rage that comes from this happening to me again! This is one of the most amazing gifts of our ancestral clues, triggers, and responses.

It’s like an internal evolutionary button that tells us which situations threaten us. It signals to us, “Danger! Danger! We’re about to enter a situation that caused our ancestors trauma and drama.”

Yet the fact that the situation is triggering us is a wonderful indicator that this is a pattern that’s available for healing during our lifetime.

That feeling of being trapped, “Let me up! Let me go! Let me out!” is now, often fixed by a simple text message or a call for assistance from our cell phone, something none of our ancestors had access to.

The Ancestors Within You

Ancestors love to show up in our eyes. Each eye contains dozens of images; take a look at the image, which my web designer grabbed from a library of iris stock photos. See the reflective images at three o’clock in the image above?

Your eyes have very dense neurogenic fibers, imagine someone drew images on the surface with a number two pencil that should have been sharpened. They will be soft, and some may look more like shadows as you see in our photograph. Still, you will see the outline of their hair, clothing, and hats.

Often times there are images in the sclera. Do you see the greyscale man with bars on his shoulders in the tear duct in the image above?

How About Those Gifts, Interests, and Talents?

Were you born with a green thumb?

An ear for music?

If you were born with a gift; or if it was unique, distinctive, or even weird (and happened prior to age 8-10) it’s ancestral.

What if you’re adopted and have no information about your genetic beginning? Fear not. If it’s within you, it came from only one place, the amazing pool of ancestors before you.

Discovering and Connecting with the Ancestors Within You!

In seven generations we have 254 ancestors, at 400 years we have nearly 4,000. Nobody knows their full ancestry line; at least not yet. DNA testing does not yet reveal the phrase our ancestors uttered or the song they hummed two hundred years ago.

Maybe one day. But for now, we have eyes.

Everyone has images, it’s just a matter of capturing the images with the correct lighting, exposure, and distance from the iris. Now, you too can discover images of the world of your ancestors within your own eyes or get them photographed at SoulTreat in October 2021.

The Irigenics® YouTube channel includes a video of How to Take an Awesome Eye Photo.

You can learn more by reading: The Ancestors Within: Reveal & Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry.

Volume 2 (Discover and Connect with Your Ancient Origins) will be available through Amazon on October 27, 2021, with 25 more amazing online tools for discovering and connecting with your ancestors.

Connect with Amy Gillepsie Dougherty on The Wellness Universe and walk away feeling better!

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