Beyond the Law of Attraction Part 2

Beyond the Law of Attraction Part 2 by TJ Dickson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #AttractionPart2

In Beyond the Law of Attraction Part 2 by WU World Changer Dr. TJ Dickson, she shares about the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

The Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing are two powerful Laws of the Universe. The Law of Deliberate Creation states what we think about, we attract. And if we think about them on purpose and with expectation, we are positioning ourselves to receive it. What makes this law different from the Law of Attraction is that we are purposeful with our thoughts when applying the Law of Deliberate Creation. We are mindful and aware of the thoughts we are thinking and we think them on purpose. We know that we can receive what we are thinking and expect to receive it. The Law of Attraction shows us, even if we are unknowingly sending out a signal or vibration, that will produce a result we do not want, the Universe delivers results based upon all of our vibrations, thoughts, feelings. In essence, we can create by default.

The Law of Deliberate Creation allows us to create on purpose. What great news! We are in control of thoughts, feelings, and vibrations. Therefore, we can create our best lives. The Universe can deliver whatever we desire. For this to happen we must do our part. We must align ourselves to purposely think the thoughts to create what we want.

For example, I know a young lady who totally re-created her life. She grew up with a mom who was very withdrawn. In fact, her mom pretty much just stayed at home. As a result, this young lady grew up not knowing part of her family. She also was diagnosed with a learning disability and was told that she was not able to learn as others learn and college was not a consideration. She was angry much of her childhood. Then, one day she decided that she was going to create the life she really wanted. She moved out of her mother’s home on her 18th birthday, got her own apartment, is now in college pursuing the career she wants, and works in her chosen career field. Not only is she in college, she has won multiple college scholarships! Neither of her parents went to college, none of her high school counselors or teachers supported her, yet she created the ability to apply to, test for, and enter into college. She now has a ton of support, is pursuing her dreams, even her love of travel.

Imagine that?! A child, who grew up with a mom who went out very little, now a traveler! When I asked her how she created her best life, one vastly different from the environment she had been raised in and what she had been told she had the ability to do, she told me that she decided to stop being angry and simply think, do, and be what she wanted. Voila! It was that simple for her. Nothing more, nothing less. She did her part and let the Universe unfold the how. We can do the same to create our best lives. We must decide what we want and go for it!

The Law of Allowing is the law that sets us free (when we apply it). Why is that? Because you do nothing. Well, not exactly. What you do is not resist when applying this law. That non-resistance creates a great freedom to be exactly who you are and allow others to be exactly who they are. You feel free to create whatever you desire!

Now, let’s take a look again at the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is simply defined as like attracts like. If things are going well, they tend to continue to go well. What you are thinking and feeling attracts manifestations that reflect those thoughts and feelings. This law works with the others to give us ultimate power to deliberately create our lives. However, it alone does not.

The Law of Deliberate Creation simply defined is what we give conscious thought, passion, feelings toward; we attract faster. We expect and believe we will manifest what we are thinking about. It puts us in a position to receive what we believe to receive.

How does the Law of Allowing work with these two laws? By us not resisting, we allow the manifestation to come. Sometimes, resistance causes the manifestation to cease. Without that resistance, the manifestation is free to be. Think of it this way. Imagine you feel good about eating vegetables. Your neighbor stops by and asks you if you would like some heirloom tomato seeds to plant a garden because they have more than they will use this year. (Law of Attraction) You think about it and say, “yes.” After all, you had always loved the taste of heirloom tomatoes and believed that someday you would grow them. (Law of Deliberate Creation) Now, here is your neighbor on your doorstep offering you heirloom tomato seeds, which you gladly accept. (Law of Deliberate Creation) In this example, you did not know the how. You did not concern yourself with the how. You just believed that one day the opportunity would present itself for you to grow delicious, nutritious heirloom tomatoes. You allowed the opportunity to show itself to you when it was time “someday.”

So, allowing the Universe to deliver what we believe we will receive in Its timing is one way to apply the Law of Allowing. The other way is to allow others to be who they are and us to be who we are. When offering this type of allowance, we are set free. When we “should” ourselves or others, we immediately create bondage and pain. When we think we should act, think, and behave in a way that is contrary to our nature, we become a prisoner. When we think others should act, think, and behave in a way that is contrary to their nature, we are judging them and creating strife in our relationships and suffering in ourselves.

For example, if your grandchild is allowed to use technology more often than you think they “should” and goes outside to play less than they “should,” then you decide to tell his parents how they “should” make him get off the computer and play baseball outside like your friend’s grandson. Yet, your grandchild and his parents are perfectly content with his activities, your judgement and disapproval will likely only cause negative emotions between the grandchild and his parents if they take your advice, between his parents and you if they hear your advice, and between you and your grandchild if he is aware that you put the idea of taking away the activity he enjoys and replacing it with one he does not as much. The truth is that judgment comes often from fear. Fear that your grandchild is not getting enough exercise and that might make you look bad if your grandchild is not athletic like your friend’s grandson is. That resistance creates bondage and resistance that poisons your relationships and takes away theirs and your freedom.

I like to call the Law of Allowing, “staying in my own lane.” When you look at track athletes who run the shorter races, what are they all told to do, STAY IN YOUR LANE! Law of Allowing is staying in our lane to experience true freedom, therefore, allowing us to live our best lives!

– Dr. TJ Dickson

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