Beyond the Law of Attraction Part 3

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In Beyond the Law of Attraction Part 3, WU World Changer Dr. TJ Dickson shares about the law of pure potentiality and the law of sufficiency and abundance. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 2!

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance shows us that our sufficiency is from God. God is the Creator of the Universe. The Universe is abundant. Since you and I live it, we have abundance all around us, right at our fingertips! All we need is available to us to create our best lives. When we accept this as truth, as fact, we start to see the manifestations of our dreams right before our very eyes!

We can create what we desire. Let me repeat that. We can create what we desire. We have an unlimited supply of good things all around us. You have unlimited power and abundance through the Creator. No one can keep you from that, unless that someone is you. In the book, The Alchemist, author Paulo Coelho, says that when we decide what it is that we want, the Universe conspires to bring it to us. The Bible says that our sufficiency is from God, it is not of our own. So, it is not so much that we are not doing enough. It is more like: do your part, let go and let God deliver. Manifestation is a co-creative process between you and God.

When we realize and accept our birthright of abundance, envy towards what others have and striving to be better than others diminish and disappears. We realize there is no lack. There is enough for everyone. We also stop feeling like we do not have enough, are not enough or doing enough. We know we are enough, have enough, and have done enough. We are perfect, whole, and good right here and right now. Will we continue to grow and evolve? Yes. However, we will understand that in this moment, exactly as we are, is good and when we grow and evolve that is good as well. So, even as we desire new things and experiences in our lives, we will come from the place of growth, expansion, wonder, and adventure vs. not enough.

Being satisfied within ourselves and not looking outside ourselves to feel enough is the essence of this law. When we can say that we are satisfied and grateful for how we are now while looking forward to growth and manifesting our current desires is powerful.

The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance works along with the three former laws that are featured in this blog series: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Creation, and the Law of Allowing. In the Law of the Attraction whatever you think about or feel is what you attract. So, if your set point is lack, you attract more lack. If you think you are not enough, you will attract proof that you are not. This why it is essential to know and accept The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance so that you can create from a knowingness that you are enough!

With the Law of Deliberate Creation, we create on purpose. We consciously think about what we want to create. However, if we consciously think that we must manifest more money because we do not have enough money, then our result could be creating not enough money or even less money. Again, if your set point is not enough, then the Universe delivers results that give you your set point of not enough. The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance allows us to know that internally we are enough and we can create all we desire because we live in an abundant Universe, not one of lack.

With the Law of Allowing, we accept the way that Universe delivers our desires. Our part is the asking and believing for our desires. God’s part is the delivery. If we try to control and put demands on how it comes, then we hinder our receiving of our desires. We put limits on an unlimited Universe. The

Universe has endless ways in which we can receive the manifestation of the desires that we have. Our limitations of how we want it delivered, goes back to our lack mindsets. When we believe and accept the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, we free ourselves of those limitations and remove the blocks we put in the manifestation of our desires!

To start accepting this law into your life right now, begin with gratitude for all that you do have. Be satisfied with what you do have. Accept that your joy, peace, love, security is an inside job and God is your Source. Then, see yourself there, where you want to be, having what you want, achieving your goals, dreams, and desires. Know that they will manifest. Be at peace while still looking forward to where you want to go.

The Law of Pure Potentiality tells us that we are part of ALL/God/the Universe, which is abundant and lacks nothing. Therefore, we have abundance and lack nothing. We have infinite potential to do all manner of things. This law defined says that our true essence is pure consciousness which expresses itself outwardly into our reality. When we accept this law, the fact that our true nature is pure consciousness, then we become aligned with God and the creative energy that lacks nothing.

This law dovetails with the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, which shows that the Universe has unlimited abundance. Thus, the two together shows that the Universe is unlimited in potential and abundance. Literally, anything is possible! When you focus inside on your true essence, your true potential; you no longer allow external forces to govern your life. You no longer fear what others think, feel, or do. You no longer give your power to others. Fear no longer controls you. Instead, you experience Pure Potentiality.

This power of embracing Pure Potentiality is what we need to create what we want in our lives. It works in conjunction with all the other Universal Laws. In order to attract what we want, deliberately create what we want, and allow ourselves and others to be who they and we really are; we must embrace the Law of Pure Potentiality. Moreover, with this embrace, the Universe will deliver our desires. We will know that our desires are available to us because of the abundance of the Universe. Faith is required to believe in our True Selves’ unlimited potential.

For example, my father started his mechanic shop in an area of town and at a building that no one prior had much success. In fact, most businesses that were at that particular location only lasted a short time. However, he did not let those “facts” which were outside of himself dictate the potential he had to be successful at that location. Instead, he tapped into his Pure Potentiality and knew that God is abundant and through God all things are possible. He opened his shop, regardless of the naysayers. Long-story-short, his business became wildly successful and remained open for over 30 years at that very location!

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to KNOW that we have unlimited potential? Our connection to God gives us our pure potentiality. Our relationship development is essential to our understanding of this law. To apply the law, talk to God in prayer, listen to God in meditation, act like God towards others and ourselves by being love, and spend time in nature to connect to God’s creation. Consciously do, think, and act from a place of faith and love instead of fear, control, judgment or manipulation. In other words, do all you can to develop, deepen, and expand your relationship with God. This will lead you to live your best life!

-Dr. TJ Dickson

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