Breaking the Cycle of Isolation

Breaking the Cycle of Isolation by MJ Bailey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Isolation

Breaking the Cycle of Isolation by MJ Bailey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Isolation

Victims of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse tend to lead their lives in isolation.

Isolation is defined as a state of living in solitude or withdrawal from the world. It is also considered seclusion or lack of having any contact with people.

We live in a world where society on a whole is offended by conversations, remarks, and personal exchanges. The negative backlash tends to leave the persons behind the quotes feeling traumatized because of being judged too harshly. Therefore, they recoil in their own world where it is safe from recriminations.

Isolated conditions are created through rejection, harsh criticism, and individuals having negative interactions with others, bad relationships, depression, neurological issues, social exclusion, career changes, and people’s inability to have compassion.

In our society when someone is imperfect due to autism, Down syndrome, or illnesses which render him or her disabled, in many instances people are not willing to be understanding or accommodating. Therefore, those who feel ostracized much prefer to resort to isolation as a means of avoiding the stress which comes with other’s bad behavior.

Oftentimes, isolation is manifested due to specific neurological and behavioral disorders.

Some of these disorders include bipolar disorders, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or McLeod Syndrome which exhibits impulsive and disruptive behavior.

These health issues which affect the nervous system are usually discovered when psychological upsets present with physical pain. Since neurology, psychiatry, and psychology have closely connected modes of treatment concerning the nervous system; neurological issues are evaluated and confirmed after consultations.

It is astounding how many people feel isolated for various reasons. At times they are unable to define the matters which keep them isolated. But once they find the root cause of their isolation, they are able to move forward with more meaningful interactions.

If there are deep-seated reasons at the core of their isolation therapy may be necessary to draw the individual out of their limiting circumstances. Events such as loss or sudden illness can cause long periods of isolation.

Withdrawal from society can lead to loneliness, therefore a concerted effort must be made to make new friends or find allies to confide in on a regular basis.

The gloominess of isolation may be broken when the isolated decide to have new experiences such as, learning new a language or picking up a hobby.

Any activity which encourages social interaction brings him or her closer to breaking out of their shell. Habits such as re-programming the brain to believe you have choices can help individuals feel more motivated. Mantras and positive affirmations can also help with making those who are secluded feel more empowered and excited to reach out to others.

Keeping a journal of daily interactions to monitor progress or lack thereof allows them to gain insights into the reasons why they shun social interactions.

Social isolation is detrimental as it can lead to loss of self-esteem, loneliness, fear of living, and mental disorders. Oftentimes, the world at large is responsible for isolating circumstances which plague their fellow men and women.

Breaking the cycle of isolation is not an easy task and is never accomplished until the individual feels good and ready to step outside their comfort zone.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and break the cycle of isolation today? Please share your thoughts and/or experiences in the comments section below!

– MJ

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