Bright Blessings

Bright Blessings By J.V. Manning #Angels #WUVIP #Coexist #BrightBlessings #Prayer #Meditation #Compassion #Kindness

“Never apologize for offering love and light or bright blessings.”

I discovered her sitting on a bench in the park, sniffling into a crumpled tissue she held in her hand. Soul pain radiated from her entire being and there was no way I could simply walk on by. So, I sat down and rummaged around in my backpack until I found a small purple package. Pulling out a clean tissue I handed it to her and just said; “I’m going to sit here with you for a while just so you know you’re not alone in whatever it is you are facing.” Startled, she turned to me and our eyes connected. I felt such a deep sadness in my belly. She nodded and took the tissue, never saying a word. After a moment, I reached over and held her hand. It was at that moment I felt something break within her and she relaxed a bit, tears subsiding.

We sat like that for a half hour. Never saying a word. The moment was a bit surreal and when she withdrew her hand from mine, she appear a lot more centered than she had when I found her. As, she gathered her belongings she turned to me and said; “Bless you. I shall pray for you tonight for the kindness you showed me.” Then she rose and started to walk away turning suddenly back to me. Her eyes widened and she stammered a bit as she went on to say; “I’m so sorry if I offended you by saying that.” She never gave me a chance to reply as she spun around and walked hurriedly down the dirt path.

She is not the first person to apologize for potentially offending me with prayer. She is also not the first to add a disclaimer to blessing me, as well.

I hate that we live in the kind of world where people feel the need to ask forgiveness after offering someone something as beautiful and pure as prayers and blessings. What I dislike even more is this happens because there are certain types of people who are offended by the gesture and refuse to accept the sentiment because they do not mirror their own beliefs.

One of the most beautiful things in this world is the innate ability to believe in a higher power and to be able to find guidance and peace within those beliefs to become better humans.

The park that I go to has many different avenues to enter it by, yet all of them lead to the same place at the very heart it; a beautiful pond with a large granite fountain. Water shoots up from the middle of the fountain, aiming towards the sky and rainbows dance throughout it as the sun reflects off the spray. Each path towards this fountain is a different journey; some flat and smooth with little resistance, some hilly and tree lined; a few offer resting benches and one that takes a long, arduous route all around the perimeter before turning to bring you to the center.

Each path is different. Yet, all lead to the same place.

Kind of like the religions of the world. Each a different path towards a Higher Power. All with different rituals and beliefs. Different lessons and stories. Different ways of praying and honoring their Higher Power. Yet, one thing that is the same throughout most of them – the belief that their religion is the only true path.

Except, it’s not the only one.

There are many paths to enlightenment.

I received an email from a woman who had been touched by one of my blog posts. She mentioned in the email that she knew I often write off “giving things to the universe” and while she respected that, she hoped I wouldn’t be upset if she prayed for me. Her email got me thinking about how I don’t write about my personal beliefs and I don’t for a very simple reason – it would cloud the essence of my words for the many who don’t believe as I do.

I’ve had dinner with a priest and coffee with a rabbi. I have friends who believe in a myriad of different religions and I find pieces of all them that resonate with my soul. I believe in all paths that lead to the light. I believe in kindness, and the powerful energy we all hold within our souls. I believe in personal accountability. I try to live every day by my personal creed: To harm none, see the good whenever possible but not be blind to the evil that walks among us. To live and let live, allowing others to walk their own path. To love, not judge and extend my hand to help anyone who needs it regardless of station in life, race, creed or gender.

I talk to the Universe. I talk to God. I take counsel with my Angels every single day. I learn from nature and study the paths of the ancients. I embrace what makes me want to become a better woman. My path is a culmination of many different paths and I find that this feels right within, for me.

Never apologize for offering prayers or blessings. Never apologize for offering love and light or bright blessings. Never apologize for freely giving the love you hold inside of your heart to another. Whether they accept it or not. Pray for them. Bless them. Live your truths and spread your light in whatever form it takes and at the same time; accept these sentiments from others even if they differ from your own.

The world not only needs more love, prayers and blessings; it needs to learn to accept them all in return.


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