Bringing Cohesion Between the Inner You and the Outer You

Today’s featured “25 Tools for Goddesses” author is Nicole Batiste –  Chapter 23: Calming The Inner Mental Storm – How to Become Your Best Friend

Have you ever been told that you should love yourself, be your best friend, or that you\’re enough? Or perhaps you\’ve never been told any of those things, but you hear the buzz around its importance. What does it mean? And how do you get there when you have no point of reference?

We often try to grasp an understanding of something based on someone else\’s understanding of it. Not only is that not your fault, but it\’s also how we learn to survive in the world. Since there is no “book of life” roadmap to follow, many of us grow up not being taught the skills of critical thinking, trusting our thoughts, mind, and body. We\’re not taught that the sensations of anger, frustration, sadness, embarrassment, failure, etc. that we experience are perfectly normal; and that we can grow through them. Instead, whether through actions, responses, or words, we\’re encouraged to be happy all the time despite what\’s going on in our minds, in our homes, and in our lives. Anger, sadness, depression, and any other energy-zapping emotional state are made to feel like there\’s something wrong with you. By the way, nothing is wrong with you. Emotions are our messages. Don\’t shoot the messenger!

I often say that the most important relationship you can have is the one with your mind. That\’s where you plant the seeds of your future using your words, thoughts, and beliefs.

The first step in changing where you are is becoming aware of the fact that you don\’t have to stay there. Realize that you can choose to shift your mindset, your beliefs, your thoughts. This will ultimately move you towards becoming the person you\’ve expressed a desire in becoming.

How do you start? Well, what if YOU defined what it looks like to embody self-trust, love, compassion, understanding, etc.? What if you chose to listen for the messages from the feelings and emotions rather than pushing them down or judging yourself for having them? What if you discovered or rediscovered just how powerful you are through that process?

Calming the inner mental storm

In my chapter, “Calming the Inner Mental Storm,” in the 25 Tools for Goddesses book, I share a method that helps you start the process and can be used more than once and in multiple areas of your life. It works best when you have a clear picture and are intentional about the growth you\’re looking to attain within yourself. As you do the work, you\’ll get to meet yourself on a deeper level! You\’ll start to discover or more clearly define your definition of self-trust, love, compassion, understanding, etc. You\’ll dig deeper into the messages your body is sharing.          

Today, behind that beautiful smile, you have a voice in your head questioning your worthiness, your strength, yourself, your beliefs, your looks, need I continue? Using the tool I share in the book, you get to meet that voice and stop trying to shut it up. As you work through the questions and prompts I\’ve laid out for you, you\’ll finally be heard and seen by the one who needs to see and hear you most, you. You\’ll start to see the possibilities that have been hiding in plain sight. Are you ready to become your best friend and love all parts of you? You got this! Let\’s do it!

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