Bringing More Wellness Into Your Life


If you don’t change anything, nothing will change.


“Don’t be so negative!” I hear you cry.

This isn’t negative, it’s the truth!

Through The Law of Attraction we all draw into our lives experiences based on who we are and what we resonate with, it’s not magic or woo woo, it’s physics.

So if you are carrying around old wounds and beliefs from way back when someone betrayed you, told you that you weren’t good enough or scarred you in any way at all, then you are still sending out frequencies to the universe that are in alignment with these heart breaking moments in your past.

This means two things.

Firstly you are blocking your flow and you can’t bring in the good stuff that I KNOW you deserve.

Secondly you are going to bring in more stuff you don’t want, stuff that resonates with your old wounds and your inner victim.

I know you are not doing this on purpose, none of us do, but you don’t know what you don’t know right? That’s why I am sharing this. Now you know better, you can do better and you can look for ways to heal your past and change your focus.

If your life experience is not in alignment with what you really want then it’s your job to do something about it (and I don’t mean whining!). The universe rewards action, so whatever Wellness means to you, start making that your focus. Start eating better, sign up for that course you know you want to do, let go of the people that drain your energy, or any other suggestion that you know could bring a significant improvement into your life.

Do something your future self will thank you for, because unless you start changing, nothing will change, and I know that you are worthy.

What could you do to bring more Wellness into your life today?

See you on the happy bus!

Love Kate Spencer