Business Energetics: How Evolved Is Your Money Mindset?

Business energetics with Kelle Sparta

I Doubled My Income In The Last Year — And You Can Too

Your money mindset will determine how much money you make, how much you keep, and how you feel about yourself and the money you have.

I recently did a sound healing for one of my programs on Removing the Obstacles to Manifestation. I never know exactly where a sound healing will take me since I channel them, but they typically have a similar path. This one was totally different.

This one took me on a path through the evolution of the money mindset. I recognized the path because I’d walked it. And each section of the sound healing took me to another stop on the journey. It was so poignant and clear, that I felt I needed to write the steps and share them.

Money mindset - meditating on money abundance

My work is focused on helping empaths break free from limiting beliefs and live their best life. So, I’m going to contextualize this article with information from that angle.

  1. Feeling Trapped By a Lack of Money — this stage is a direct response to having felt trapped in an unsafe environment as a child. This is a victim energy; you have given up your power over money and are behaving as though it is a withholding parent just like your parents were.
  2. Being Angry About Your Lack of Money and Trying (And Failing) To Do Something About It — This stage is where you have determined to take action to get some money, but you’re still treating the Universe and money like those withholding parents. So, you try one thing and then another, waiting for the signs to line up to tell you that the Universe is behind you. The result in this stage is a lack of commitment to any specific path with a lot of panic and pivot energy when things don’t work out immediately because you don’t have a lot to fall back on and you need something to work NOW. This is still a victim state around money.
  3. Educating Yourself About Money — At some point you get tired of being subject to having no money, so you start to learn more about it. You stop treating it as a parent or a quarry to be felled and you start to come into relationship with it. This is where you begin to be empowered around money.
  4. Responsibility for Money — When you step into being responsible for your money is when you begin to have control over manifesting it. This means cleaning up back taxes that haven’t been paid (or filed), looking at your credit score and getting that up to a good level, cycling your debt into lower interest rate options so you can begin to pay it off faster, taking on a side hustle to get out of the debt spiral, etc. When you stop saying “I’m a victim of circumstance” and say “I didn’t plan for emergencies and I didn’t earn enough to cover expenses, so I created this experience.” You will have to process being upset at yourself and feeling shame around creating your reality, but if you can walk through these, your whole world can change. (And before you go nuts here, yes, I realize that this is hard. I have lived hand to mouth for years. I remember times when I was thrilled to have $300 in my bank account. I DO know how hard it is. This is why it’s a step-by-step process. I don’t say it’s easy. I just say this is the way out.)
  5. Money Receptiveness — As empaths, one of the biggest challenges is opening to receive and money is no exception. There will be a set point at which you will not allow money to flow in. At this stage, you will discover that set point and then have to exceed it if you are to expand past this stage. This means addressing worth and inherent value issues. When you deal with those, your money set point will move up; how far depends on how deeply you address the issues.
  6. Money Flow — Once you are open to receive at a higher level, you step into flow with money. This means that you begin to have flow in and out with the money. You stop worrying about whether or not you have enough money for things and start to ask yourself whether you want to spend this money or invest it so that it will work for you. Since you have now gotten in the habit of studying money, the investment options start to look like fun. The more you learn about investing, the more it feels like you maybe don’t want to spend as much and instead want to enjoy investing and watching your money grow when you’re not having to work so hard for it. (Note: if you haven’t done the work to take your inner child out of the driver’s seat at this point, you may have problems as your inner child will fritter away your money faster than you can make it on things that you’ll later realize you didn’t even really want.)
  7. Financial Freedom — At this point, your investments pay your bills, and you don’t have to work. You can do as you please and you have to decide how to be a good steward of your time and your money. Then life becomes about maintaining and growing what you have, deciding how to share it, and becoming a mentor or finding some other path to having a purpose moving forward.

So, take a moment and determine where you are on the money mindset ladder. And consider whether you are ready to step onto the next rung. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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