Call Me A Woman: Healthier Happier Stronger In 2022 – Are You In?

Call me a woman with Laurie Levin

Are you ready to be healthier, happier, and stronger physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually? What difference would that make in your life for you and those you love?

The good news is just a simple step forward is all that is needed to get you well on your way!

Understanding how we are designed keeps it simple and a great place to start.

Your teeth are mostly flat

We’re omnivores so your body needs mostly plant food.

Your intestines are 20+ feet long

You need lots of fiber (found only in plant food) to flush waste through your digestive tract and optimize your immune system which is located mostly in your digestive tract. Fiber is key to preventing stomach and colon disorders, healthy weight, and a healthy immune system, heart, and brain.

Your body is made up of mostly water

You need to replenish water throughout the day; about 64 oz/day. Anything less consistently and you are likely to be in a state of chronic dehydration.

You’re made to move

Three or fewer days/week of exercise and you’re losing muscle mass as you age. Four days/week of exercise and you’re maintaining muscle mass. It is with five days or more/week of exercise, and you are building muscle mass. Building is best to sustain long-term health and longevity.

Your body requires a good night’s sleep

About 7-8 hours/night of sleep with no electronic stimulus at least 60 minutes before going to bed is ideal. A bedtime between 10-11PM can reduce heart disease significantly.

It is best to reduce stress as it occurs, causing less wear and tear on you and those around you

By shifting to the optimal state of heart coherence (an orderly signal from heart to brain), you shift from a stress state/cortisol, the stress hormone that is like acid cascading every organ and adds fat around the middle, to a non-stress state/DHEA, the anti-aging, anti-stress, vitality hormone. You can significantly improve your health, weight, and performance as you reduce stress throughout the day. The HeartMath® techniques (see Quick Coherence® technique below) create heart coherence in seconds to minutes!

Reaching and maintaining your optimal weight

       This is the key to optimal health and longevity. Your optimal weight is typically close to the weight you were in your late teens to early 20s if you were at a healthy weight then. Think high school/college years.

Your frame didn’t get taller after that point, and you’re not meant to get wider. Losing just 10% of your current weight (if you are overweight), can reduce your risk of illness and disease by 50+%!

We fuel our bodies emotionally and nutritionally

Many leave out their emotional diet when evaluating their health, waistline, communication, relationships, finances, career, and lifestyle. It is your emotional state that is at the heart of every decision you make, and just like your nutritional diet, is a series of choices you make all day long.

        Event + Response = Outcome

It is your responses, not the circumstances and events in your life,

that create your outcomes.

In a stress state, we are more likely to over-care, over-eat, over-spend, and over-work. These “over” responses are stress- and fear-based and create poor outcomes: poor health, poor communication, and poor performance, along with a lot of cortisol.

The HeartMath® techniques create the optimal state of heart coherence, leading to positive responses and positive outcomes in just seconds to a few minutes. (See the Quick Coherence® technique below to get started). You will meet life and people head-on with appreciation, compassion, and kindness. Your best performance, best decisions, and optimal health are achieved in a state of heart coherence.

 Let’s Not Leave Out Equality

To truly thrive, we all need equal access to opportunities and resources, equal pay, equal representation, and safety.

The lack of safety, equal pay, equal representation, and equal rights that women endure are what inspired me to write the book, Call Me A Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace ( I share the unconscious habits we live every day that perpetuate inequality and the 7 Habits of Equality that will speed our way to gender equality, healthier humanity, and peace.

Inequality hurts us all, diminishes our lives, our potential, our health, and our well-being.

As we crowd out habits of disease and habits of inequality by living habits of health and habits of equality we change our lives, and we change the world we live in.

Quick Coherence®: A quick technique that reduces stress on demand

Step 1:  Heart Focus – shift your attention to the area around your heart 

Step 2:  Heart Breathing – breathe as if the air is coming in and out of your heart

Step 3:  Activate a positive feeling of care or appreciation for someone, something, or someplace in your life as you continue to breathe in and out of the heart. Feel what it is like to be with that person, place, or thing

For your first couple of days, do this every hour on the hour. You have to breathe anyway. You might as well breathe from the heart and with regenerative feelings such as care and appreciation. A change of heart truly changes everything!

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