Call Me A Woman: Parenting (and Living) With Soul – It’s About Purpose, Love, and Pure Potential

I began a conversation with parents, called Parenting With Soul, about twenty years ago. Its building blocks and guiding principles are helpful for all of us and parents with children of all ages. It’s never too late to parent (and live) with soul.

For parents, the very special relationship you have with your children lasts a lifetime and gifts you with an extraordinary opportunity to know and feel Purpose, Love, and Pure Potential at the deepest of levels. These are what I call the building blocks of Parenting (and Living) With Soul.

Last month’s blog focused on the first building block—Purpose.

Living a deeply fulfilling life requires a purpose-filled existence and is the first building block to creating a life-long, loving, and caring relationship with a child. It is how we connect with the deepest part of ourselves, with one another, and with the universe. We live in a friendly universe and when we bring our full potential to the world each day, we are supported with its full and wondrous potential.

As we parent (and live) with our soul’s intentions and desires, our purpose, we give the best of ourselves to our children and to the world. This results in a beautiful ebb and flow of the energy we need to be and achieve our very best.

Let’s focus now on the second building block: Love. Author Patricia Lynn Reilly said:

Our beloved planet is in desperate need of women and men who have moved from self-loathing to self-love, from self-criticism to self-celebration. Our ability to love is directly correlated to the love we feel for ourselves.

Our guiding principles are:

Become Your Authentic Self

How we feel about ourselves shapes everything in our lives: how we interpret the world and others, the feelings we feel throughout our day, the actions we take, and how we respond to people, circumstances, and life’s events.

How do we develop a deep sense of self-love? We spend time thinking about what we value most and develop an intimate relationship with those values. These are our core values.

Your core values are that which makes your life worth living. Four to six values that bring you joy and purpose. My core values are family, love, honesty, adventure, freedom, and learning.

What are yours?

When you make choices in alignment with your core values, there is little to no stress around those choices. Instead, there is a certainty that creates strength and resilience. Certainty like that is invaluable and it paves the way for a life of ease and grace, for you, your children, those you care about, and those you serve.

So, get to know yourself. Start with a list of four to six core values. Focus your attention on them during your day, breathe them in and out of your heart, and state them often. Become them, for this is your authentic self.

Do not deviate from your core values as they are your greatest connection to self, to others, and to all the wonderful gifts this loving universe has for you. It’s also the way to a stress-less life. Less stress, more you.

Choose Love Moment to Moment

Like the butterfly flapping its wings in China, altering the weather in New York, a smile, a kind word, a loving touch, and a compassionate listener can change everything for you and those around you.

No matter what we are doing, we are always in a loving place or in a fearful place. If our thoughts and actions are not love-based, then you can bet they are fear-based. Why do we allow this to happen when we know our love-based feelings generate positive thoughts, actions, and much better outcomes?

If you allow your day to be consumed with stuff, errands, paying the bills, or deadlines rather than consumed with your core values then you are disconnecting from yourself. Over time, this disconnects us from others and can cause dis-ease: in our health, relationships, and work.

So, in the moment, ask yourself: What would my core values guide me to do, say, or feel in this very moment?

For example, if in a challenging conversation, and one of your core values is family, you’re not going to be critical of a family member. That’s not being family and if you respond critically you’re hurting that which you cherish. That’s stress on you and them. So, instead, choose your core value, family over your fear-based emotion, and instead listen. Have those core values front and center and the filters through which you act, respond, and choose.

That’s how you become your true authentic self, instill certainty in your life, and share love, always a game-changer, for you and those you care so much about.

Life from the heart and soul is the way we are meant to live. Enjoy getting to know your heart, your soul, your self, more each day for a life well lived and shared.

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