Call Me A Woman: Parenting With Soul Part One – Live Your Life’s Purpose

Last month, I introduced Parenting With Soul, a passion of mine for the past twenty-plus years. My daughter is 27 years old, and it is still important that I stay on course, parenting with soul, for a relationship we both cherish for life.

Parents are special people who embark upon a special journey. We have an opportunity to shape lives and change the world. Now that might seem a bit overwhelming or something you don’t feel you can do well, given your own childhood experiences. However, anyone with a beating heart can change the course they are on, and that includes the ongoing relationships we have with our children.

One of my biggest concerns is that many of us are functioning at a low level, energetically, potentially, and spiritually. Many people are not deeply fulfilled at the end of their day, not able to say “Wow, that was an amazing day! Today, I passionately pursued my purpose, caring and loving myself and others.” And because of that, they are not modeling it for their children.

Living a deeply fulfilling life requires a purpose-filled existence and is the first building block to creating a life-long, loving, and caring relationship with a child. It is how we connect with the deepest part of ourselves, with one another, and with the universe.

We live in a friendly universe and as we bring our full potential to it each day, we are supported with its full and wondrous potential.

So how do we live a purpose-filled life so that we can model and support our children to do the same?

  1. We live from the heart.
  2. We cultivate and share our unique gifts with the world.
  3. We serve others.

Live From the Heart

I have used the HeartMath® techniques for almost twenty years, each day and in the moment, to keep myself in alignment with my core values, my goals, and my purpose. The HeartMath techniques take seconds to a few minutes and at a time to rewire our brains so that we respond positively to life’s events and circumstances, no matter what they are. When an event occurs, we are more likely to pause and ask ourselves:

What outcome do I want? Choose your response.

That oftentimes is a complete departure from the highly reactive place many come from as they interact with their children and life. We wire our brains for anxiety, depression, and overwhelm when we commonly react that way.

Alternatively, spending just a few minutes each day shifting to appreciation creates the optimal state of heart coherence. In this state, the heart tells the brain, “I’m okay. Instead of feeling anxiety or overwhelm, feel appreciation, care, or compassion.” That’s a big difference in our responses and a big difference in our lives.

So regardless of the traffic, the rain or the way someone spoke to you, in a coherent state your heart will guide you to respond in alignment with your desired outcomes. It’s raining, but most important is my family enjoying the day together, so I will choose a positive response. She spoke harshly to me, but I want the team to stay focused and on track, so I will respond positively, feeling compassion instead of anger.

Living from the heart, allows us to connect more deeply and positively with ourselves and our children. It’s one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

Cultivate and Share Your Unique Gifts With the World

I love this quote from Gordon Mackenzie’s book, Orbiting the Giant Hairball, “If you go to the grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. ONLY YOU.”

Imagine the world without the masterpieces from our greatest painters. What a loss. The same is true for each of us. If you go to your grave without sharing your gifts with the world, a masterpiece will not be created, and lives will not be inspired that otherwise would be.

Your masterpiece might be a school or medical center you want to create in a rural community. Your masterpiece might be new recipes that only you can bring to market, the lives you will save as a nurse, the kids you keep from dropping out of school as a teacher, or the community you inspire to stand up for change. So, paint your masterpiece because nobody else can or will.

Serve Others

Helping others instills in children their responsibility to serve. Serving can be a helping hand, compassion, or kind words.

Author Dawn Markova said,

To help children feel good about themselves, we have to help them feel good about the world. Merely telling them over and over that they are wonderful won’t do a thing to increase their self-esteem but give them a map and an engaging project that is relevant, and it will serve as a lightning rod for their energy. The bridge that is built will lead them to a place of belonging where the healthy part of them can be activated, where forward momentum can be fostered, where they can learn again to dream of a better world that is theirs to create.

We are not meant to suffer or struggle. Living a purpose-filled life will light you up and light the way for your children. As we parent with our soul’s intentions and desires, with our purpose, we give the best of ourselves to our children and the world.

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