Call Me A Woman: Raise Your Consciousness and Elevate

Call Me a Woman with Laurie Levin

It is time, and there is such a need in the world, to increase individual and global consciousness. More and more people are seeking ways to raise the bar in their lives. There is a longing to live more consciously; more deeply connected to themselves, to others, and nature.

Consciousness is awareness and presence, moment by moment, of our feelings, our thoughts, and our environment. As you live more consciously, you become the cause in your life rather than the effect of it. Living at the effect of life causes stress on you and your health, relationships, and business. It creates a victim mindset that hinders all areas of our lives.

Bringing consciousness to the conversation, the situation, business opportunity, or the event at hand is like turning a light switch on in a dark room. Almost instantly we see so much more as soon as we flip the switch. As we ramp up the voltage of the light we see even more.

Raising consciousness is our greatest source of empowerment, allowing for both internal and external expansion. As we proactively seek higher consciousness throughout the day, we observe our external world expanding, brighter, and more engaging.

Picture a group of people attempting to make their way out of a pitch-black cave, bumping into walls, each other, and stumbling over rocks, perhaps falling, and hurting one another. Doubt and fear are building.

Now, imagine the same trek with a lantern. The group sees the way forward without bumping into the walls and each other. Everyone is hopeful that they are heading in the right direction.

Consciousness brings calm, peace, and order, no matter what is going on. I recently read something online and the individual in the article declared, “I’m okay with whatever happens.” Imagine the time and energy saved, the fewer words that would need to be spoken, and the drama avoided. There are so many benefits to raising one’s consciousness. Yet it’s not always easy to stay in that conscious state, let alone get there.

Here are a few tools to support you to raise your consciousness so that you can address everything in your life with self-confidence and certainty—no matter what comes your way. As you take on a daily practice, it becomes easier to stay at an elevated level of consciousness, bringing great benefits to you and those around you.


Take time each day to be still, to silence the head-brain so that you can connect with your deepest source of intelligence—your heart’s intelligence (the

heart-brain) and your intuition. My daily practice is ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes before I sleep at night. Then during the day, I go deeper into my heart for just a few moments—a few times during the day. Being proactive is key!

Pause Whenever You Feel Pain or Discomfort

Viktor Frankl wrote in his extraordinary book, Man’s Search for Meaning:

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Whenever triggered—embarrassed, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed, sad—PAUSE and feel it. Be still with it. You will hear something that you can’t hear if you fight it or numb it in some manner.

It is in the stillness that you step out of the darkness and into the light; freedom from something that perhaps has been an obstacle for years. You will hear your greatest source of intelligence speaking to you through the pain, giving you the insight you need, the one that will allow for growth and expansion.

Have Certainty

Imagine feeling certainty instead of doubt. Doubt is a fear-based emotion that can only bring setbacks, more angst, worry, and dread. For many it causes them to fight, flee, or freeze. None of that is good when you want to improve your health or relationships, be more effective at work, or support a family member or friend.

I woke up at 3 AM a few days ago and my head-brain took me to a place of doubt about something coming up this week. I simply stated to myself and included certainty. “I am certain this is going to all work out well. I’ve done it so many times before. All is well.” I felt the energy shift immediately. There was calm and peace within seconds, where I felt anxiety just moments before.

And last, understand this one thing:

You Really Only Have One Decision 

No matter how you think of the light—energy, love, heart, the Light, the Creator, the Universe, or God, your one decision at any point in time is to answer this question:

How would the light (the Creator, the Universe, God, your heart, love) respond?

Respond accordingly.

This is a game-changer. It’s proactive, powerful, and purposeful. It simplifies everything.

Raising consciousness is an important goal, perhaps now more than ever. Our planet is in need, as are we, of a higher level of consciousness. Got a few minutes now to raise yours?

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