Call Me Woman: Are You a Champion for Love and Equality?

7 Ways You Can Become One

Can we love our way to equality? I think so. Perhaps that’s what has been missing most of all. 

I have always been a champion for human rights and equality, treasuring diversity, finding joy in different cultures and languages, different foods people eat, different ways we celebrate and live our lives. I’ve never quite understood how those differences were thought to be anything but wonderful. 

Working for gender equality most of my life, I’ve come to learn that it is the oppressed, women themselves, that lack awareness of their current reality, holding on to the status quo, and, by doing so, hold back future generations from a better, more hopeful, and prosperous life.

I wonder how many women know that because of their gender:

  • Working 40 years, women will earn $400,000 less than their male counterparts. That’s $10,000 less each year 
  • Two-thirds of illiterate adults in the world are women as girls are much more likely to never attend a day of school than boys are
  • Women have longer workdays and do two times as much unpaid work as men
  • Women are more likely to be impoverished than men
  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women, more than car accidents, muggings, and rape combined in the U.S.
  • Females are much more likely to be married as children, enslaved, and trafficked than males.

That’s what living the status quo looks like. Yet the outcomes, when women lead in business, government, and medicine are significantly better.

  • The highest representation of women executives and corporate board members yields higher rates of return
  • Female legislators legislate more
  • Women doctors achieve better outcomes
  • Peace accords last longer when women are part of the process

So, what holds us back from moving full steam ahead to gender equality? Is it a lack of awareness? Is it too much living from fear versus too little living from love? I believe it’s a bit of both. 

That’s why I had to write a book. I had to take the lack of awareness out of the equation and I had to put love into it. 

Awareness + the 7 Habits of Equality + Love = Peace

I spent decades anguishing over what appeared to be obvious, how slowly change can occur, and why we haven’t been able to get an amendment passed, the Equal Rights Amendment (introduced in 1923 and still not recognized almost 100 years later), that puts women in the U.S. Constitution. Do American women not understand the only constitutional right they have is the right to vote?

In my book, Call Me A Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace (, I provide 7 Habits of Equality that will speed gender equality up significantlyThat is critical for everyone because when women rise we take the world with us. 

I point out in my book many of the habits of inequality that we live each and every day, mostly unconsciously, that maintain the status quo, leave half a country’s population in some of the worst of circumstances, and half its potential behind. Unplugging from these habits of inequality is key, not only for a better quality of life. Unplugging from habits of inequality is key for our survival. 

The first Habit of Equality is “Start the Kids Off Equally with One Identity, A Human Identity,” based on love, care, and compassion. No more female and male identities that give half of us access to our feelings and emotions and the other half  with less or virtually no access to them at all. Too many males are raised to suppress their emotions and feelings which deprives them of feeling empathy and compassion for others and themselves. No wonder we live in such a violent world. Empathy and compassion are essential to creating fair and peaceful societies.

We must raise our children, regardless of demographics, with a single human identity, one that prioritizes relationships and one’s ability to love, collaborate, empathize, and care for one another. No gender should hold the monopoly on that.

With greater awareness, we can plug into all 7 Habits of Equality which honor and respect each of us, that will bring equal pay and opportunities to all. The 7 Habits of Equality are:

  1. Start the kids off equally with one identity, a human identity
  2. Start the marriage and family on equal footing
  3. Call her a woman
  4. Respect and appreciate kind, caring, and peaceful men
  5. Speak equality
  6. Vote equality
  7. Age with grace

The world is a better place when all of humanity’s potential is in the boardroom, at the peace table, and caring for our children. And, when love defines us first and foremost, we will speak, vote, and live equality. 

It is love for one another and for equality that brings us together. It is love that will bring us the kind of world we can wake up to every day feeling hopeful, safe, supported, and prepared to be our best, take risks, and live up to our potential. 

Imagine that kind of world. Now become the champion you can be for love and equality. The world will love you right back and never be the same. 

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