Cancer Won\’t Thrive in An Alkaline Body

Cancer Won't Thrive in An Alkaline Body by Aggie Perilli #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Alkaline
Cancer Won\'t Thrive in An Alkaline Body by Aggie Perilli #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Alkaline
Increasingly, I hear of loved ones or others who have cancer.

Privately, I offer to send information others have found to be healing. It’s the same information I offered my neighbor a few years ago when she realized chemotherapy could be lethal for her.

Careful not to overstep friendly boundaries, I suggested my neighbor balance her body’s pH and restore her alkalinity. She was unclear what that meant exactly. I pointed to my vegetable garden to explain. If my soil is acidic, I add lime to increase its alkalinity. When the pH of my soil is balanced, my vegetables thrive.

I recommended my neighbor buy pH strips to test her body’s pH balance. If her body was acidic, she could ingest fewer acidic foods and beverages, such as red meat and coffee, and eat more fresh organic vegetables. My neighbor said she didn’t like the taste of vegetables.

Jokingly, I suggested she try what my siblings and I had taught my cousin, Robert, when we were kids and he’d join our family for dinner. Like us, Robert had to stay seated at our dinner table until he ate his vegetables. We’d say, “Robert, hold your nose and you won’t taste anything!” She laughed.

A more practical suggestion was that my neighbor should buy a juicer. That would enable her to drink four of the average daily recommended five to nine vegetables at once. One vegetable smoothie recommended by my nutritionist blends equal parts cucumber, celery, and sweet carrots with a piece of beet. Other recipes sweeten three green vegetables with a single fruit.

Listen To the Wisdom of Your Body —

I can eat just two servings of fruit or sweets daily. Over the years, I’ve learned to read food labels to ensure my family’s organic bread, kefir, and other prepared foods contain 20 grams of sugar or less.

Around 3 p.m., if my energy wanes, I eat a handful of organic nuts. A healthy protein snack can be re-energizing and help your body process sugar.

A few days after my neighbor and I spoke, I stopped at her house for a visit. I found her standing beside a juicer, holding her nose as she drank a vegetable smoothie.

Within days of consuming at least five vegetables daily, my neighbor became alkaline and her cancer symptoms subsided!

To boost your alkalinity more quickly, it sometimes helps to eat miso soup for breakfast. Or to drink pure organic cranberry juice diluted with water.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Eases Pressure on Your Heart and Lungs

Equally transformative, is the often overlooked healing power of diaphragmatic breathing. Shifting from shallow chest breathing to even diaphragmatic breaths alleviates pressure on your heart and lungs. This also aids relaxation, which can reduce stomach acid and enhance your alkalinity.

Know that becoming alkaline isn’t easy for everyone.

A friend with breast cancer became almost vegan and was still acidic. I referred her to a nutritionist who provides bioenergetic testing to determine whether her body needed to detox. Additionally, she may have been eating foods she needed to avoid or was allergic to.

Computerized bioenergetic testing can safely, in a non-invasive manner, eliminates the guesswork related to medicines, nutritional supplements, diet, viruses, bacteria, parasites, pollutants, and more. Everybody is unique and responds to medications and nutrition differently.

Bioenergetic Testing Eliminates Guesswork Pre-symptomatically

When my neighbor had bioenergetic testing, she learned the medication that worked for her was adversely affecting her liver. To remedy this negative side effect, my neighbor was tested for a supplement that would counter-actively strengthen her liver.

She was re-tested for her body’s response to the liver supplement taken with her medication and with five complementary supplements including vitamin C, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

My neighbor knew not to confuse her body or obstruct healing with too many medications or supplements at once. Unlike my neighbor, my friend followed therapies that failed to work for her, and her health suffered.

Oncologists in Mexico and elsewhere offer non-toxic therapies that have helped even hard-to-treat pancreatic cancer patients live 30 years or longer.

Research your options and be proactive about prevention.

Listen to the objective wisdom of your body. Indulge in what can be a delicious medley of at least five organic chemical- and GMO-free vegetables daily.

As my neighbor varied her vegetables and maintained her body’s alkalinity, she recovered her health and stayed vibrant and strong for years!

How do you stay alkaline? Please share your tips in the comments section below!


Author Disclaimer: Aggie makes no claim to be a physician. She is in the business of communication and information awareness campaigns. The prevention suggestions and natural healing practices described here in no way constitute a replacement for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. Reliance on the information above is pursued at your own risk.

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