Carol’s Top Tips for Healthy Living Part 2

Carol's Top Tips for Healthy Living Part 2 by Carol Kretschmer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HealthyLivingPart2
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Carol’s top tips for Healthy Living There are so many wise and beneficial choices we can make to improve our quality of life! So many tips I wish to share. It’s difficult for me to choose, but here are my top 10 as they appear to me today. I hope they will help you . . .

  • Carol’s Healthy Living Tip #4: EAT REAL FOOD

All too often today, we are eating for all the wrong reasons – taste, convenience, cost, comfort. Modern food is high in sugar, salt, and fat and very addictive, and there is no denying a strong link to the epidemic of chronic diseases we now face. We are over fed and under nourished!

Nutrition is the bedrock of health, so eat cleanly. Choose whole foods that have been nourished by the sun and untouched by man. Eat like a hunter/gatherer: Meat, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, with a variety of color on your plate, and especially lots of leafy greens.

Educate yourself about healthy fats, and minimize your consumption of sugar and refined starch. Avoiding ‘white’ foods is also a good rule of thumb.

Labels are confusing but look at the ingredient list, and be more aware of what you consume. Move away from processed foods and don’t believe marketing or advertising which has a hidden agenda. Limit your intake of additives, preservatives, flavoring, etc. and trust Mother Nature, not what comes out of a laboratory.

Don’t buy it! If it’s not in the pantry, you can’t be tempted. Crowd out the bad stuff by eating lots of tasty, real food. Pack your fridge with fresh and colorful options. You don’t have to deprive yourself.

Eat well and your body will reward you – with more energy, vitality and mental clarity.

  • Carol’s Healthy Living Tip #5: QUIET THE MIND

Our thoughts can cause us a lot of stress; they keep us in the past or the future. The mind can run away; one thought becomes another and another! We go round in circles replaying stories, often based on old beliefs or patterns of behavior that no longer serve us. Mindfulness brings us to the present moment, living in and fully experiencing the now, which after all, is all we have. The present is the only place we can experience happiness and healing.

We cannot stop the thoughts; we don’t need to, but we can learn to step back and observe them, to get out of the head and be more heart-centered. When we connect our heart with our mind, our thoughts become more positive and gratitude filled.

You may want to see your thoughts as leaves on a stream floating by or maybe words on a conveyor belt. I like to visualize the mind (or ego) sinking down into the heart to have a pow wow with the soul, learning from the wisdom there and taking it back to the head, to integrate head and heart. Often, fear and pain dissolve as love and joy take their place, so it is not so much about what you gain but what you lose!

Meditation is not about ‘blanking off’ but allowing ourselves just to BE as we are calm and objective, insights may come. You can have a special place which is your sacred space or just close your eyes and explore your inner world. You may like to light candles or play soothing music, but even the shortest retreat from the busy-ness of your day with a few deep breaths and a smile is very beneficial.

  • Carol’s Healthy Living Tip #6: FORGIVE EVERYONE & EVERYTHING

I like to call this Radical Forgiveness! You see, if you are willing to forgive but still feel the need to condemn, then nothing will change! You are in a ‘victim consciousness’ when you maintain a belief that someone else has done something bad to you, and as a result, they are responsible for the lack of peace and happiness in your life. When we take responsibility for our choices i.e., how we respond to situations and events in our life, we can forgive without the need to blame, then everything changes.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. It does not condone what may have happened or mean you have to keep company with the person/s involved. You simply choose to let go of any toxic energy of anger and resentment you are holding in your body, and unburdening will be of great benefit to your health and happiness. Try it. It feels a whole lot better.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this series!