Cat Health Problems and 3 Natural Solutions

Cat Health Problems and 3 Natural Solutions by Pam Roussell #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CatHealth
Cat Health Problems

We’ve all heard the expression, “Small changes can make big differences.” When it comes to exploring natural health options for your cat’s health problems does it feel overwhelming? Where do you start? Don’t feel like you have to be an expert in holistic medicine, nutrition or alternative therapies. By simply doing a little research you’ll be amazed at all the great nuggets of information you can find.

My first step into alternative medicine began with a foot injury, and because conventional methods weren’t healing my foot, it forced me to look “outside the box.” The same thing happened with my cats’ health problems. Several years ago, my cat Hershey had developed pancreatitis; not once, not twice, but three times within 3 months. After making trips to the vet for the first two episodes, and a phone call after the third with the same doctor, he finally recommended that I take Hershey to a specialist (translation: expensive tests and a lifetime of toxic drugs). I decided it was time to look for a better alternative.

When Lili developed feline acne when she was younger, the vet we took her to suggested it was due to bacteria growing in her food bowl, and then proceeded to scrub off the scabs. It turned out she was wrong as the scabs just came back. Therefore, I sought out an integrative vet who referred me to another specialist–a dermatologist for animals. That next visit cost me $100 and all she could recommend was expensive allergy testing and expensive, hypo-allergenic diet foods. Shocker! That was enough.

I ended up taking both Hershey and Lili to my Naturopath, a natural health doctor. Clearly, in both cases, the vets were only looking at ways to treat symptoms (which is what veterinarians are trained to do), not look for the cause. I could essentially put a “band aid” on the problem, but it would never really go away.  I was not interested in a lifetime of toxic drugs and reoccurring bouts of illness or skin eruptions. I was not interested in temporary “band aids.” What I was interested in was true healing.

Lili loves sleeping on dad’s gym bag

Hershey demonstrating his flexibility

Cat health problems like food allergies can be cured with energy medicine.

Through muscle testing and a special energy medicine technique called ECR (Energetic Cellular Release), we were able to get to the root of the problems for both Hershey and Lili.   If you don’t remember anything else about natural health, here is a premise you must understand:  treat the CAUSE, not the symptoms.  It’s quite the opposite approach from traditional allopathic and veterinary medicine, which focuses on treating symptoms!

Cat health problems like pancreatitis can be treated with homeopathy.

I understand that having pets, especially multiple pets can be expensive. Veterinary costs are outrageously expensive, not to mention food, supplies, treats, furniture, and toys. Your heart would go to the moon for your fur baby, but your pocketbook can quickly put a halt to it before you’ve made a dent in your grandiose intentions. Emergency medicine or treatment for a serious disease can be extremely costly, and it’s unthinkable to have to choose between saving your precious animal… or not.

So, what can you do to minimize the costs and still give your furry family member the very best in natural health? Let me give you three simple steps:

  1. Eat “cleaner” and as “close to nature” whenever possible
Cat health problems can be addressed through dietary changes

Cats, as carnivores, need a meat-based diet. The best biologically appropriate diet for them is raw. Can’t afford to feed a 100% raw diet? I know it can be more expensive, and you’re not even sure if your cat will even eat it. Try blending a small bit of raw with wet/canned food. Lots of manufacturers make small packages, so you don’t have to break the bank. You can thaw a little bit at a time rather than the whole package. Introducing freeze-dried raw food is another suggestion. Sprinkle/crumble this on top of your kitty’s food and you can even use it as treats. Alternate your cat’s wet food with a premium selection or mix a bit into your cat’s other food.

  1. Strive to reduce and eliminate exposure to toxins and pesticides
Avoiding products with toxic chemicals can benefit a cat’s health problems

Start switching your household cleaning products over to the ones with natural, non-toxic ingredients.  Keep in mind, your kitty walks on your floors that you mop with chemical laden cleaners, and these products have very powerful smells, too. Products like Clorox Bleach and Lysol are toxic and full of dangerous chemicals. Breathing the fumes or having the product come in contact with your skin or your kitty’s feet can have undesired consequences.

Rather than using toxic and potentially deadly flea treatments and collars, try using essential oils and diatomaceous earth. There are several great natural products on the market that are safe to use on your cats and their bedding, too. Instead of using air fresheners and calming aids (Feliway) that are loaded with synthetic chemicals and endocrine disrupters, try diffusing essential oils or natural air fresheners by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.

Avoid tracking in chemicals on your shoes by leaving them outside the door if you’ve been working in the yard or flower beds. Explore using natural pest control and gardening products if your kitty is allowed outside.

Remember, toxins are not only found in cleaning and gardening products. Cheaper brands of commercial pet foods are loaded with chemicals and cheap ingredients that can wreak havoc on your cat’s health.

  1. Replace toxic drugs and medicines with natural alternatives when possible

Seek out advice from a holistic veterinarian or Naturopath for herbal medicine, homeopathy, supplements, essential oils, and other natural products that can promote a strong immune system or address a specific health condition or illness.

Homeopathy and herbal medicine can be used safely in treating cat health problems. You have so many resources available to you out there! Unfortunately, your traditional vet won’t tell you about them because they don’t know.

Remember, lessening the toxic load on your cat’s body and keeping her diet as close to nature as possible will help keep her immune system strong, and you’ll have a healthier, happier cat!  And this advice holds well for humans, too.

Have questions? I am your resource! I invite you to submit your comments and questions below.


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