Chakra Rebalancing: Getting Back in Balance

Chakra Rebalancing: Getting Back in Balance by Kim Ramsey-Winkler #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Balance

Out of balance. Off-balance. Chakra rebalancing. What does any of that mean? It has to do with energy.

Energy is everywhere. Everything, living or not, including humans, has an energy field. Since humans tend to be complex, the human energy system is equally so. In addition to a seven-layer energy field or aura, the human energy system includes seven major centers. Each energy center corresponds to a certain part of the body and certain traits.

Energy flows throughout the aura layers and through the chakras, causing the them to rotate. The rotation is where chakras get their name; in Sanskrit, the word “chakra” (pronounced “chuck-ruh”) means “wheel,” because that’s how ancient cultures perceived the energy centers. Each energy center is unique, with its own associated color and location on the body, and each is believed to govern certain physical and emotional traits and abilities.

When someone’s energy system is balanced, the right amount of energy is flowing through their energy field and through each chakra. The chakras are rotating at an optimal speed.

Someone with a balanced energy system might experience several benefits, including:

  • A better overall sense of well-being
  • Secure relationships with themselves and others
  • Feeling more rested, and possibly sleeping better
  • Stronger connection with spirituality and spiritual practices
  • Better ability to let go of negatives and to view things objectively
  • Feeling more in balance with themselves and the universe
  • More focus and clarity

But since energy, one’s physical, mental, and emotional states are intertwined, it’s easy for things to get thrown off balance. Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as not eating well or not exercising can cause disruptions in the energy flow. Stress or conflict might cause disruptions or might create blocks in one or more chakras. Not taking time to work on one’s inner self or to have a spiritual practice of some kind can also cause imbalances. (When I say, “spiritual practice,” I simply mean whatever feels spiritual for the individual. For one person, that might be attending regular church services; for another, it might mean taking a walk along the beach a couple of times a week.) Illnesses and injuries affect the energy system, so do traumatic experiences.

When your energy system is out of balance, it can cause negative effects in several areas of your life, including:

  • Feeling and acting irritable toward others
  • Exhaustion
  • What I call “don’t-feel-well-it’s;” that is, feeling unwell or “off” but not being able to pinpoint why, even with a doctor’s input
  • Lack of clarity or focus
  • Conflicts in relationships

It’s important to note that some issues in the list above can also be symptoms of medical or psychiatric conditions that can only be diagnosed and treated by licensed professionals. If you have concerns about your physical or mental health, please see a doctor.

The good news is that there are ways to bring your chakras and energy system back into balance. One way, of course, is to get professional treatment for injuries, illnesses, or negative or traumatic experiences in your life.

But there are other things you can do on your own:

  • Meditate regularly. Even five minutes of sitting in silence will help.
  • Begin a spiritual practice or commit to one you already have.
  • Spend time with loved ones and friends with whom you feel happy and positive.
  • Develop healthier eating, exercise, and sleeping habits.
  • Create more balance in your life among your career, your family, your self-care, etc.
  • Experience a session with a practitioner of energy healing (such as Reiki or Chios®).

Having a balanced energy system brings benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being able to recognize the signs of imbalance and take steps to rebalance your chakras and energy system can lead to positive progress in all areas of your life.

I offer Chios® Energy Healing, a chakra-focused modality that includes techniques for rebalancing and restoring flow to the chakras and energy field. If you’re interested or would like more information, visit my website.

– Kim

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