Change Your Movie Reel, Change Your Life Part 1

Change Your Movie Reel, Change Your Life Part 1 by Debra Oakland #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MovieReel

Change Your Movie Reel, Change Your Life Part 1 by Debra Oakland #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MovieReel

Change Your Movie Reel, Change Your Life Part 1: 7 Reel Concepts – Conscious Choice

Take command, choose the outcome. Feel your passion of purpose; experience your role in full expression as you allow your purpose to permeate your being and world. As you do this, you are plugged into powerful energy that will pull resources, people, places — everything you need to you, in the perfect time and space. Debra Oakland 
I look at life as my own personal, ever-changing movie reel.

I firmly believe we are where we are at any given moment in time based on an infinite and sequential series of choices we have made in our journey. The seemingly random events that occur are our cues to speak, to act, or to react. We are the writer, director, editor, producer, and star of our life movie.

This is where conscious choice comes in. As the lead character in our mental movie, our feelings, our emotions, and our words are delivered while we direct our inner movie, sometimes with very little editing, but always in living color. When I think of my life as a movie, I realize I have the daily ability and opportunity to rewrite parts of my personal script or even compose an entirely new scene. Allow me to give you a look through the view-finder and show you how these 7 Reel Concepts reshaped my life and changed my movie. We will begin with Concept #1 in this 7 Part Series.

Imagine your life as an ongoing movie. What is the theme of your movie, and what “take away” do you want people to leave with? Keep in mind we are all in this movie-making business together! In this giant theater we call life, the choices you make and the actions you take feature your own personal performance. We are all supporting actors in each other’s films and the lead actor and star in our own. Movies have a strong effect on us because they trigger our emotions at a deep level. They take us out of our routine and allow us to experience a shift in perspective, showing us a more expanded version of what life can be.

Movies put us in touch with our passion; they make us laugh and cry as our senses come alive with all manner of feelings pushing up to the surface. In each of our personal life movies, we have love scenes, birth, death, comedy, drama, roller coaster rides, car chases, wars, compassion, and a whole host of adventures featuring a cast of characters unique to each of us. These full, rich, immeasurably rewarding, and life-altering experiences shape and define who we become.

Many aspects of ourselves are projected onto the screen of life. There are scenes unfolding on our movie sets including a wide range of actors, supporting cast, locations, cameras, action and so much more. We take on roles to experience contrast, to grow and expand our spiritual awareness, learning what we want and do not want in life. This gives us the opportunity to write, rewrite, direct, film, and STAR in our own movie. Others are cast in supportive or non-supportive roles. Remember to check their resumes!

If you want to change your movie, you will need to make some changes in your life. Are you writing the script or allowing “the critics” (criticism, judgment, gossip, blame, worry, anger and fear) to inhabit the set of your lm and to have creative license? Unless you have reached the status of lm star, there are usually people on the set who will gladly tell you how your role “should” be played.

Your power of conscious choice is activated by thought and leads to perception, understanding, logic, reason, courage, will, passion and enthusiasm. All these qualities are available and must be utilized in perfect synchronization toward the same goal and oriented toward the same purpose when we choose to live a life of positive purpose, productive impact, and meaningful permanence. We decide if the movie of our life is going to be a finely crafted masterpiece or a low budget zombie flick. The movie of our life is composed of countless scenes or short films strung together to eventually form the panoramic saga in which we presently reside.

The best way forward is to focus your lens on living your own life in a responsible manner, making choices which support all life. Such choices include living and loving authentically, choosing peace, cooperating with the qualities of life expanding empowerment through the heart, and having a grateful attitude and an open mind. The best editing tool available is the power of conscious choice. Every moment gives you a perfectly new opportunity to focus your efforts on living your best life and leaving the less than stellar scenes behind. You have the power to rewrite a script that doesn’t work. You can even make the choice to throw out a script and start over from a different perspective. Conscious choice gives us endless options.

No one else can think for you. You have a voice, and you have a choice, which puts you on the road to personal freedom. Yes, people can encourage you to change your thought, but the thinking is up to you. Think of your inner power as regenerative, a deliberate creation at its best. This is more than self-improvement. It is self-alignment: reorienting our self to produce a positive and powerful alignment of our mind, which brings us back to center, back to balance, and puts us in control of our lives. There is immense power in being in charge of all your thoughts. Together, with our combined thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can and will change the world.

If you don’t like where you are, make different choices. Take back control of your life. Become aware of the thoughts you create and the choices they engender. Your life will change when you decide to radiate the many qualities of love out into the world. There is magnetic power in conscious choice connecting us to our heart. To radiate these qualities, you must first access them for yourself. You do this by daily making the decision to orient your intention to the Source. Consciously choose to orient toward spirit and allow yourself to be a channel for transmission of the divine will in your life. This will illuminate your thought process and enlighten your emotional responses.

Here is a simple exercise you can do right now to begin to reclaim your power. Say to yourself, 
“I choose each day to be the conscious director of my own movie. I always retain my inner power and vision for the outcome I choose to experience.” 

By taking hold of your mental and feeling worlds, you become a master movie maker. Who better to do it than you? Expect to yield the optimum results you want on the soul explorations you choose to experience. The final choice to externalize anything is up to you.

Your Personal Storyboard on Conscious Choice
  1. Upon awakening in the morning, I consciously and purposely choose

  2. Before starting my day, I choose to take a moment for my personal spiritual ritual by:

  3. Choosing to align body, mind, and spirit, I recognize my unique talent or gift as:

  4. In my daily work, I choose to represent gratitude by:

  5. When someone hits one of my “tripwires,” I now consciously choose to:

  6. In Light and Love, I make the conscious choice to make different choices regarding:

  7. Before going to sleep at night, I set these conscious choice intentions:

REEL WRAP: The Concept of Conscious Choice
  • Imagine your life as an ongoing movie. You are the screenwriter, producer, director and lead actor in your own film and have supporting roles in others’ films.
  • Are you writing the script, or allowing “the critics” (criticism, judgment, gossip, blame, worry, anger, and fear) to tell you how it “should” be written?
  • Your programming comes from your parents, peers, authority figures, environment, and your own self-talk. It may be deeply ingrained from early childhood, but it can be changed.
  • The blame game is over. Become response-able. Blaming outside in influences for the way your life unfolds does not serve anyone and usually makes life unbearable for all involved.
  • One small comment made in a moment of poignant honesty can dramatically alter the course of one’s life, changing tragedy to triumph. Learn to let go, and don’t try to force someone to be something they are not.
  • When both aspects of Mind, the Head and the Heart, function in synch, they produce phenomenal Power.
  • Whether you are in a good place or a bad place, where you are at any given time is based on a series of choices you made at some point previously in your life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series next week!


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