Changes are More than Resolutions

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No one changes until the discomfort of staying the same exceeds the discomfort of change

First, let me wish you all a TRULY glorious New Year, with all the best blessings your heart desires.

If something in your life could be better, NOW

– and NOW – is always a great time to change direction. There’s no need to wait for New Year’s Eve and a resolution that NEXT YEAR will be different. Very few people follow through for very long with those. Why is that? No one changes until the discomfort of staying the same exceeds the discomfort of change – and that’s rarely on New Year’s Eve.

Think BIG –

Usually, the goal is also too small and specific because you’re afraid to dream BIG. For instance, you might say, “I am going to lose ten pounds,” rather than “I am going to feel lighter, stronger and healthier. The problem with the first goal is that as soon as you reach it, you return to your old habits and you never get what you REALLY want. The second reflects a permanent new STATE OF BEING.

Set a goal and VISUALIZE what success will look and feel like.

It helps to have a clear vision of WHAT that new state of being (healthier, wealthier, happier in relationships, doing what you love, etc.) WILL LOOK AND FEEL LIKE. Have fun with this step – what do you REALLY want in this area of your life? Imagine it in full color and sound…do YOU love you more? How do others respond? Make it juicy and full of joy – the Universe is listening to what you order up!

For example, I see myself vibrantly healthy, strong and independent (my vision) and at 74, I like the feel of that. I affirm and celebrate my newfound health and independence every day.

Let this “Double Bonus” help to motivate you

When you finally decide you’ve HAD IT with the way things are now and you actually DO change course, you get a double bonus – the distance you travel towards your goal and the distance you do NOT travel away from it. Add them together to figure your bonus!

Understand both WHAT and HOW to change

This will usually involve some research with professionals and friends and often some serendipity as you listen for Guidance. Remember, the Universe is working with you to deliver your order, and will bring you the information you need.

WHAT – For instance, when a friend who had been dragging around showed up glowing and healthy, she told me in her case gluten was the culprit. Serendipity. I did the research and thought it could be my problem too.

HOW – When I eliminated all gluten – a miraculous surprise – my (fibro) brain fog disappeared!!!! So happy!

CELEBRATE with me! Over time, I made other discoveries, found new advisors, followed up and now I am mostly pain-free and I can clearly SEE myself healthy and happy and independent for the next 25 years of my life! Every day I am in awe and give thanks! So glad I didn’t decide to just “lose 10 pounds” or something else too small.

This process works the same for changes in any part of your life – health, relationships, work, finances, productivity, mood, spirituality… everything. What would it take for you to wake up and be EXCITED to be alive?

If something in your life needs to change before you have that feeling…

  1. Set a goal and gleefully VISUALIZE what your heart’s desire will look and feel like. How will it benefit you? How will it benefit others?
  2. Do your RESEARCH– find out WHAT exactly needs to change (I had really had no clue). Create a plan for HOW and begin.
  3. Gratefully celebrate every step along the way towards your vision as it manifests.

I know this process works and I wish you a full year of enticing discovery and dramatic success – your dreams come true success!


I Love you,